What is a Moisture Analyzer?

What is a moisture analyzer and how does it work? This short blog answers those questions, and explains how using a moisture analyzer can benefit your laboratory.

What is A Moisture Analyzer?

A moisture analyzer is a piece of equipment that analyzes the moisture content of a sample. A moisture analyzer is sometimes referred to as a moisture balance.

How Does a Moisture Analyzer Work?

Typically, a moisture analyzer employs the “loss on drying” (LOD) method.

A sample is continuously weighed as it is heated to remove any moisture. When the sample stops decreasing in weight, the difference between the first and final weight is measured. The difference in these weights is the moisture content.

Do I Need a Moisture Analyzer?

Whilst moisture analysis can be carried out using a standard oven, a moisture analyzer streamlines the process, saving valuable time in the laboratory.

To perform moisture analysis using an oven, there are several individual steps:

  1. Take an initial sample weight
  2. Place the sample in an oven and periodically weigh over time, monitoring the reduction in weight.
  3. Once the weight stops decreasing, take one final weight reading
  4. Calculate the difference between the final weight and the initial weight – this is the moisture content

This is a time-consuming process that requires constant monitoring, with potential risk of human error at various stages. There is also a risk of sample burning where there process would have to be repeated, costing even more time.

Using a moisture analyzer simplifies this process and improves accuracy. A moisture analyzer will both weigh and heat the sample without needing to be monitored. Once you have set your parameters, the instrument will take care of the rest and you can continue with other priorities without having to worry about your sample.

Moisture Analyzers from Precisa

Precisa have a range of moisture analyzers so that you can choose the best option for your requirements.

All Precisa Mositure Analyzers provide accurate weighing, high temperature range and are available with a choice of one of three heating elements: halogen, infrared or dark radiator.

530 Moisture Analyzer

530 Moisture Analyzer with lid open

Our newest moisture analyzer offers the highest level of performance, sustainability, and accuracy even with challenging samples—including low moisture content samples like plastic and high moisture content samples such as water. The 530 also boasts our innovative weighing technology PHASTbloc™ (Precisa Hybrid Advanced Sensor Technology) at its core, for accuracy, repairability, and sustainability. This is the moisture analyzer you need for any sample type.

365 Moisture Analyzer

365 Moisture Analyzer

Our high precision and compact moisture analyzer is easy to use, with the ability to store up to 100 methods. This is the ideal moisture analyzer if you have a wide range of applications, which  require accurate and reliable results.

330 Moisture Analyzer

330 Moisture Analyzer

Providing fully automatic moisture analysis, our series 330 moisture analyzers are compact and robust, providing high quality, fast, error-free moisture analysis, using the highest degrees of precision for continually accurate results.


Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your lab with a moisture analyzer? Speak to our experts today and find out exactly how a moisture analyzer from Precisa can benefit your lab.