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Determining Ash and Moisture Content in Food and Drink using the Series 340 PrepASH®

Determining Ash and Mositure content in food is essential for analysing the full nutritional value, quality and stability of food and drink samples. Find out more about what ash and mositure content analysis can tell you and how Precisa makes the process fast, simple and reliable with the Series 340 prepASH.

Lab Supply Diary - Frankfurt

Find out how Sales Manager Michael enjoyed the first Lab Supply event of 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Series 520 Balances and PHASTbloc™ technology

Introducing PHASTbloc™ advanced weighing technology - the novel hybrid weighing cell from Precisa. Not only is it accurate and robust, but it offers a cost-effective and sustainable weighing solution. Find out more.

The Series 390: The Perfect Balance of Weighing Accuracy and Reliability

A balance can be found in almost every laboratory worldwide, and is commonly used daily, but what happens if your balance isn’t reliable? Unfortunately, a small error in weight can have a significant impact in the lab, which is further escalated as the process moves further downstream. Discover how Precisa weighing technology overcomes these issues with the Series 390 balance.