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Techcomp Europe Acquires Majority Shareholding in Mass Spectrometer Manufacturer, Isotopx Limited

Techcomp Instruments Limited (“Techcomp”) is delighted to announce that Techcomp Europe has successfully completed the acquisition of a majority shareholding in Isotopx Limited, based in Middlewich, Cheshire. For the past 13 years Isotopx has been at the forefront of mass spectrometer design and innovation. The whole team at Isotopx, led by CEO and founder Zenon Palacz, are justifiably proud of their

New 390 Balance Upgrade Offer

Free Balance Boost – Limited Time Only When you purchase a new 390 Series Analytical Balance, we’ll automatically give you a free upgrade to a 390 HE. With a superior electronic draft shield this prevents knocks from manual opening and reduces potential cross contamination. What’s more, with the 390 HE you are now in a position to benefit from extra add ons:

OS UPGRADE FOR prepASH® from Windows XP or Windows 7 to Windows 10 IoT

Windows 10 IoT will be the new standard operating system for the prepASH, reason being that Windows XP and Windows 7 are no longer supported. As part of this upgrade the prepASH now comes with a new terminal as shown in the photo below, which is slightly different vs. the one with Windows XP. The upgrade will automatically be applied to

Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC™) System

Noise Reduction and Noise Elimination Precisa has developed a unique Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC) System to cancel the effects of environmental noise, such as air turbulence and ground vibration. What causes the problem of noise? Despite investing in stone tables and draft shields it is impossible to reduce environmental effects altogether. This noise is detected by the sensitive weighing mechanism and can be

Precisa’s AeroPan and VasoFrame Load Carrier

AeroPan and VasoFrame Launch of new load carriers for series 390, 360, 321 and 320 AeroPan for Series 390 Speed up your weighing process with the new weighing pans for the series 390. Highlights Time saving due to fast stability of the balance (up to 50% faster) Improved standard deviation Item Numbers 350-8728: AeroPan 390 80mm 350-8729: AeroPan 390 90mm VasoFrame for Series 390 and 360 / 321

Precisa Gravimetrics Attains Renewal of ISO 9001:2015

The accreditation is in recognition of the continued high quality and improvement of our Swiss manufactured electronic balances and laboratory instruments. CEO, Steffen Wander said "We were first warranted with this ISO certification over 20 years ago and this standard pays great testament to the on-going dedication and hard work by all the team at Precisa".

New Job Opportunity: Regional Sales Manager

Both Precisa and Froilabo are well established brands; Precisa is a leading Swiss manufacturer of analytical and precision balances while Froilabo is a French manufacturer of Ultra Low Temperature Freezers. Both brands have an exciting portfolio of new products and are part of Techcomp Instruments, a fast growing global technology business that owns a number of innovative Scientific Instrument manufacturers

Precisa PHASTbloc™

High-resolution force restoration weighing cells are usually based on two different concepts. Each of them has specific advantages and disadvantages which will be discussed in detail below. Conventional weighing cells consist of a number of individual components. They are very flexible regarding to the choice of material, but require a high degree of assembly effort and assembly skills. They can

Techcomp Expands Operations with new Research and Engineering Facility in Scotland

The facility will enable TREC to further support the research and development requirements of Techcomp’s three core technologies: Molecular Spectroscopy, Chromatography and Laboratory Products. It expands the footprint of Techcomp in the UK and will provide excellent space to support business growth with new laboratories, workshops and offices. In addition to housing TREC, it will also accommodate technical facilities for SCION

In the News: Techcomp Latin America

Christophe will be based at our new, larger premises in the north of Mexico City which are well placed for transport links and benefit from generous parking and modern, spacious offices and excellent warehousing facilities. The new office will be home to our team of 5 service engineers and 4 sales staff in addition to our 3 product specialists across