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  • When to Replace your Lab Balance

    At Precisa, we understand that needing to replace your lab balance can be an inconvenient, costly and daunting prospect. That’s why we have put together this handy guide to help you figure out if your balance really needs replacing, how to look
  • The Importance of Balance Calibration

    It is known that all cars need to be regularly maintained and periodically assessed for road worthiness. This is for the safety of the driver, other road users and means that the car is more likely to last longer as issues are
  • An Overview of the Industries Requiring Precision Weighing

    Precisa has been manufacturing balances since 1935, producing a state-of the-art product range which reflects traditional Swiss characteristics such as precision, quality and reliability. We produce a wide range of Analytical and Precision balances which are ideal for use across a wide
  • The use of Precision Weighing Scales in the Industrial Sector

    At Precisa, we understand the necessity of fast, precise and reliable measurements within the industrial sector. Combining cutting-edge design with the latest technology, our precision balances are perfect for measuring parts, packaging for shipping and stock control.

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