The Series 520 Balances and PHASTbloc™ technology

Techcomp Lab Products proudly presents the Precisa PHASTbloc (Precisa Hybrid Advanced Sensor Technology). Combining the benefits of conventional weighing cells with a monolithic design, this novel technology results in more accurate weighing whilst also being cost effective and sustainable. This blog introduces our unique technology and outline the benefits the PHASTblocweighing cell offers your research. 

  • Novel technology – Lab Products by Precisa are the only company which utilize this advanced hybrid weighing technology.
  • Sustainable and cost effective – Easily replace functional parts rather than disposing of the entire unit
  • The Series 520 balances contain PHASTbloc™ technology – Available in two different models; the PT featuring a touchscreen and the PB with buttons, meaning this balance is suitable for any budget. 

Introducing PHASTbloc™: 

Swiss engineering from Precisa created a world first weighing technology, representing 40 years of knowledge and expertise in developing weighing technologies and innovations. The sustainable hybrid approach in the PHASTbloc™ unites the benefits of a conventional weighing cell with a monolithic design. This enables the efficient maintenance and repair of a weighing cell instead of replacing it – sustainability in practice. 

PHASTbloc hybrid weighing technology

Advanced materials, engineering and unique manufacturing methods lift quality and performance to new heights. Using a range of materials such as standard grade and high-tech aerospace aluminium maximises repairability and performance, offering affordability and an environmentally friendly product. All parts of the PHASTbloc™ are manufactured with the highest Swiss quality and precision.  

Why is PHASTbloc™ Weighing Technology Beneficial for me? 

PHASTbloc™ weighing technology offers several advantages compared to standard weighing technology due to its easy repairability, accurate readings and robustness. 

The division of the weighing cell into functional parts not only allows for an optimal choice of material and manufacturing process for each section, but also opens up the possibility of replacing parts. This allows the PHASTbloc™ to be maintained cost-effectively and ensures a long life. All this makes the PHASTbloc™ weighing cell the most ecological and economical of its kind without compromising on performance. 

This undestroyable balance is a force to be reckoned with, and displays the highest level of durability, which was highlighted by dropping a 1kg weight onto the analytical balance three times from a height of 20cm. This 520 PB balance did not let this weight weigh it down, and continued to perform within its technical specifications.  

Hybrid Weighing Technology VS Monolithic Weighing Technology

CategoryMonolithic Weighing CellHybrid Weighing Cell (PHASTblocTM)
RepairabilityCannot be repaired – entire weighing cell must be disposed (including electronics)Can be repaired – intuitive instrumentation available
SustainabilityNot sustainable – low material yield, which means a significant amount of material waste.Highly sustainable – great material yield, which means less material waste.
InnovationSame technology wide availableHighly innovative – the only hybrid technology on the market

The Series 520: Premium weighing technology for all budgets 

The Series 520 balances are robust and durable, with the option of either an analytical or precision balance, and comes in two different ranges: either the PB or PT.  

The Series 520 ensures accurate and precise weighing measurements for maximum efficiency in any environment, and contain features such as: 

  • Stability indicator: which indicates measurement faults and provides real-time information on environmental influences that could affect the balance and weighing accuracy. 
  • Internal calibration: the self-calibration system enables the automatic adjustment / calibration of the balance for maximum measuring accuracy. 
  • Data transfer: your invaluable data can be saved onto a USB stick for processing on a PC. Alternatively, the human input device (HID) turns your balance into a keyboard and weight values can be sent directly from the balance to the PC immediately, without any additional software.  


520 PT balance: 

The Series 520 PT offers the highest degree of flexibility, safety, and user friendliness combined with innovative weighing technology, making it the ideal balance for any laboratory environment. This balance allows individual screen customization and can be fully adapted to meet each users’ individual requirements. Additionally, the electronic level indicator improves weighing precision, not only does it inform the user when the balance isn’t level, but also provides a levelling guide to ensure quick and easy levelling of the balance.  

  • Advanced PHASTbloc™ weighing technology with additional features for a premium balance, these features include a color touch screen, an integrated audit trail, and minimum sample weight option. 
  • Optimize operations with six large, fixed keys for the most common operating functions. 
  • Complete range of applications such as counting, density, animal weighing, percentage, and more! 
  • Individual user management, with the ability to add up to 15 users per balance. 
  • Allows for the full digital adherence to GxP and CFR21 part 11 compliance. 


520 PB balance: 

A robust and durable balance designed for almost any environment, with an extensive range of applications and state of the art weighing technology. Whilst this balance doesn’t contain all of the advanced features found in the 520 PT, it still ensures precise and accurate results with PHASTblocTM weighing technology.

  • Advanced PHASTbloc™ weighing technology but without the additional features – the ideal balance for a smaller budget. 
  • The housing materials, keyboard and display were chosen to withstand rough environments and meet heavy demands. 
  • Easy to use, with a 5 key membrane keypad for simplified use and maximum user-friendliness. 

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