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Application Note: Methods for Moisture Determination with XM60

Precisa Gravimetrics have developed a wide range of application notes for different materials. Please find below a list of our library of applications.

Ash and Moisture Applications for Plastic and Composites

Automation of moisture and ash analysis with the prepASH provides efficiency, quality and security into the laboratory. Plastic is the common term for a wide range of synthetic or semi synthetic organic amorphous solid materials suitable for the manufacture of industrial products.

Application Note: Moisture Determination of Liquid Soap

Maintaining optimal moisture levels during the production of soap is critical to achieving the highest quality product. When the moisture content becomes too high or too low, product quality becomes inferior and waste occurs.

Application Note: Moisture Determination of Different Plastic Granules

Precisa moisture analysis XM60/EM120 Halogen
*Can be conducted using the XM50, XM60-HR & XM66

Application Note: Ash and Moisture Determination using prepASH 340 Series for Food Analysis

Automation of the moisture and ash analysis brings efficiency, quality and security into the laboratory.

Analysis of meat
The nutrient content of meat and meat products is determined with the following analysis and often calculated as packages by contract laboratories:

Application Note: Sludge Analysis with Precisa's prepASH Thermogravimetric Analyser

Volatile solids are a substance that can easily transform from its solid phase to its vapor phase without going through a liquid phase – domestic waste water volatile solids are about 50% organic. For local sewage stations with only a few samples per day the XM66 would be a perfect alternative to determine the moisture content, continuing to manually ash in a muffle.

Application Note: Ash and Moisture Analysis with prepASH 340 Series for wood, pulp, paper and paperboard

*TAPPI is the leading association for the worldwide pulp, paper, packaging, and converting industries and publisher of Paper360°. Through information exchange, trusted content, and networking opportunities, TAPPI helps members elevate their performance by providing solutions that lead to better, faster, and more costeffective ways of doing business.

Analytical Results of Moisture and Ash Determination with prepASH® in Conjunction with Participating Laboratories

As part of the VDLUFA Feed Inquiry 433 Q (2016), three samples were provided for examination: two compound feeds, one dairy cattle feed, one mineral feed. For each sample, 4 raw ash results were required calculated on 100% dry matter.

Determining Ash Content in Paper and Pulp – Kemira, Customer Highlight

This application story will be devoted to the successful use of prepASH for the determination of ash content in paper and pulp at Kemira – a world-class water-chemistry company.

Application Note: Moisture Content Determination of Spaghetti

A key factor in the process of making pasta is the moisture distribution as the dough determines the final quality of the product. Monitoring the moisture content is extremely important as pasta with a high moisture content could reduce its shelf life