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  • What is an Analytical Balance?

    An Analytical Balance is an extremely accurate laboratory balance created to precisely measure the mass of an object. Offering a readability up to 0.00001 grams (0.01 mg), analytical balances are frequently used in laboratories. This article explores the advantages, uses and FAQs
  • Industrial Weighing Scales for Tough Working Environments

    Industrial scales are heavy duty scales, often including a platform or ramp for easy on and offloading. Weight management is essential in a wide range of industries. Optimising weighing practices, allows industries to boost efficiency and productivity, whilst also reducing costs. Accurate
  • Analysing Water Content of Contact Lenses

    During the contact lens manufacturing process, analysing the water content of contact lenses is vital for the comfort and safety of lens wearers. Discover how Precisa’s Moisture Analyser can be used in the process.
  • Measure Soil Moisture Content using the Gravimetric Method

    Measuring Soil Moisture is essential in agriculture. Extreme amounts of or too little water content of soil negatively affects multiple soil functions. Such conditions, creates an unfavourable environment, lowering the number of microorganisms present in the soil. Discover more in this fascinating

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