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  • Ash Content in Food Analysis

    The determination of ash content in food is essential to establish the full nutritional value, quality and stability of the food. In this article we define the ash content in food, methods to determine the ash content and explore Precisa’s prepASH for
  • What is an Analytical Balance?

    An Analytical Balance is an extremely accurate laboratory balance created to precisely measure the mass of an object. Offering a readability up to 0.00001 grams (0.01 mg), analytical balances are frequently used in laboratories. This article explores the advantages, uses and FAQs
  • Industrial Weighing Scales for Tough Working Environments

    Industrial scales are heavy duty scales, often including a platform or ramp for easy on and offloading. Weight management is essential in a wide range of industries. Optimising weighing practices, allows industries to boost efficiency and productivity, whilst also reducing costs. Accurate

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