What is a Moisture Analyzer and how can it be used for Moisture Analysis?

What Is A Moisture Analyzer?

Performing moisture analysis is the primary function of a moisture analyzer, and it typically does this by employing the ‘loss on drying’ (LOD) method. This is the most common method for moisture analysis.

The moisture content of a sample is determined through continuous weighing of  sample before and after the removal of moisture. Once the sample no longer loses weight, the difference between the first and final weights is measured, which is used to calculate the moisture content. This is also known as the thermogravimetric principle.

Why Perform Moisture Analysis?

You may be wondering why moisture content needs to be measured? The measurement of moisture content is important in many industries, including the food, pharmaceutical, textile, and agricultural industries. The truth for this is that moisture affects quality control criteria such as weight, shelf, life, price, etc.

Moisture Anlayzer. Moisture Analysis can be used to test Surface Moisture.

For example, high levels of moisture will reduce product value and shelf life due to a higher potential for microbial activity. Most products will have an optimum moisture content for the highest quality and there are many laws and regulations set in place to determine the correct moisture content for certain regulated products.

Therefore, moisture analysis is essential for compliance to such regulations and the production of a quality product.

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