The Importance of Temperature Checks and Adjustment for Moisture Analysers

On multiple occasions we have observed instances of the displayed temperatures obtained by the Moisture Analysers varying by more than +/-10oC at 100 oC with errors increasing as the temperature increases. This degree of variation between target and actual temperature can lead to:

  • Anomalous results
  • Incomplete testing (cause: actual temperature < target temperature)
  • Burned samples (cause actual temperature > target temperature)
  • Longer testing times (cause actual temperature < target temperature)

We are aware that our customers may have developed methods specifically using their machines and as such any change in the operating temperature may have an adverse effect on the results achieved. In these instances, we usually recommend initially just having the temperatures checked and reported.  Following this the customer can then decide if they feel that the full adjustment is required and will not cause any problems.

It isn’t just the temperature achieved by the heating element that can govern the effectiveness and accuracy of the results obtained by the Moisture Analyser. Various configuration/method settings and procedures can also have a bearing on the analysis of the sample. At Precisa, we can assist with developing or adjusting methods to avoid a variety of problems such as:

  • Ramping – the speed at which the Heating Element reaches the target temperature.
  • Stop Criteria – time/weight/weight loss over time.
  • Sample Preparation – Grinding, Spreading/Surface Area, Filter Pads, etc.

Moisture Analysers Training

If required, Precisa’s Engineers can assist with configuration and employee training on request along with the purchase and installation of any new Precisa Moisture Analyser (XM50, XM60, XM60-HR, XM66 and/or EM120-HR).

For further information on our moisture analysers and how they can assist your business, why not get in touch with one of our sales team today.