Precision Balances for the Beauty Industry

For hair stylists accuracy is as crucial as a good hair makeover is extremely important to most. When a client loves their colour, they will most likely want the same colour again. With the use of a balance it allows the colour mixture to be perfectly accurate every time enabling the stylist to create a consistent formula for their client in future appointments. No-one wants to pay a lot of money for their hair and come out with a colour they didn’t ask for.

Hair Dye mixing bowl

In addition to this, using a precision balance in a salon saves money on product waste. Depending on the client’s hair length and how much hair needs touching up, different amounts of product will be used every time. If the client has long hair they will need more product than someone with short hair (a root touch up will need less than a full head mixture) and the thickness in hair also applies to how much product the stylist would need to use. If the stylist is guessing how much product to use it will most likely go to waste, resulting in the stylist wasting money on product that isn’t cheap.

Another key factor of having a precision balance is that it saves stylists time. When a salon is busy stylists tend to rush between clients and many stylists ask for juniors to help – having the measurements of hair dye on record allows an easy process for the junior stylist to carry out dying the client’s hair.

Hair Dye process

What is the Right Precision Balance for your Salon?

Many stylists prefer to measure out their product by grams therefore having this on a balance allows for precision. A precision balance, with a clear digital screen that is fast and easy to read will come in handy especially during busy periods when stylists want quick and accurate measurements.

Precisa’s Series 360 Balances

At Precisa, our Series 360. ES 1 would be ideal for hair salons. The model has 1g readability with lifelong reliability, advanced functionality and expanded weighing range. It also has plug in modules for multipurpose connectivity allowing stylists to transfer measurements via USB. The 360 also comes with a tare key which is useful during formulation, especially when using peroxide. It also removes the mixing bowl weight.

Many stylists buy cheap scales where the readability is poor, providing them with poor accuracy on measurements. We have 7 different models with 0.01g readability –  with capacities from 1,200g (1.2Kg) to 8,200g (8.2Kg).

Precision Balances for Hair Salons

If you are working within the beauty industry and require a suitable balance for your hair salon, why not have a look at our precision balance range. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. A member of our team would be happy to assist you.

Please take a look at Our 360 ES page to find out more about how this balance could work for you and your salon.