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The Series 520 Balances and PHASTbloc™ technology

Introducing PHASTbloc™ advanced weighing technology - the novel hybrid weighing cell from Precisa. Not only is it accurate and robust, but it offers a cost-effective and sustainable weighing solution. Find out more.

Moisture Analyzer Food and Drink Methods eBook

This helpful eBook details several methods for the moisture content analysis of food and drink. Download the Moisture Analyzer Food and Drinks Method eBook today.

The Series 390: The Perfect Balance of Weighing Accuracy and Reliability

A balance can be found in almost every laboratory worldwide, and is commonly used daily, but what happens if your balance isn’t reliable? Unfortunately, a small error in weight can have a significant impact in the lab, which is further escalated as the process moves further downstream. Discover how Precisa weighing technology overcomes these issues with the Series 390 balance.

Thermogravimetric Analysis with prepASH®

TGA Instrument, the prepASH®, combines high performance, ease of operation, precision and integrity of measurement to maximize time & accuracy during thermogravimetric analysis. Read on to find out more about how the prepASH® can benefit your laboratory

GxP compliance and Techcomp Lab Products by Precisa

Good practice (GxP) refers to a set of quality guidelines and regulations to ensure consistency, reliability and uniformity within various disciplines. Learn more about GxP compliance and which Precisa products adhere to the regulations in this blog.

Ensuring CFR21 Part 11 Compliance with Precisa

CFR21 part 11 ensures data integrity in a digital world for reliability, authenticity and integrity of all electronic records. Having laboratory balances that comply with CFR21 is vital to meet Good Laboratory Practices.
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Why is it important to keep your balance clean?

Is keeping your balance clean a priority in your lab? It should be! Find out why having a clean balance is important and how to keep your balance clean with our step by step guide.

April Service Training

From April 17 to 21, Precisa Partners from Labo-MS (Czech Republic) and Multi-Lab SRL (Romania) visited our factory in Switzerland to enhance their knowledge and skills in servicing balances and instruments.

Soil Moisture Measurement in Dry Farming

Soil moisture measurement plays an important role in dry farming. Find out more about dryland farming in this blog article.

Weighing In The Food Industry

Accurate weighing is a crucial part of the process within food manufacturing applications. Weighing activities may span the full process from the initial weighing of raw materials as part of incoming goods inspections and will be employed throughout the process until the product is shipped from the facility.