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Precisa Balance Assembly and Density Kit Guide

A density kit allows balance users to easily and reliably determine density. Density measurement is an important indicator of the quality of a product. Any changes in density can highlight the deterioration of a material or product. Accurate and reliable density measurement is therefore vital to determining the quality of products. Our quick video guide provides some useful advice on
What Our Employees Say

Employee Spotlight - Meryem Özkaytan

We are delighted to introduce Meryem Özkaytan as Sales & Export Administrator for Precisa. She will be managing the logistics for the America’s, UK, and France amongst others.

Holiday Opening Hours 2022

Precisa’s offices will be closed from 24th December 2022 and will reopen 3rd January 2023.

Environmental Testing Equipment: Laboratory Balances for Environmental Sciences

A vital piece of environmental testing equipment for environmental science is the laboratory balance. This article will explore the different areas of environmental science and how laboratory weighing balances can assist in each area.

Dynamic Weighing with Precisa

Weighing moving objects or trying to weigh items in an unstable environment can present many challenges to obtain an accurate reading. In this article, learn more about how the Animal Weighing and Dynamic Difference Weighing features of Precisa balances offer solutions to these difficulties.

Scales for Recycling: The Use of Weighing Equipment in Recycling

Scales for recycling play a key role in our efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle our overall waste as much as possible. A sturdy, reliable recycling scale is at the core of any recycling facility and one of the many tools used throughout the industry. Read our latest blog to find out the role of weighing in recycling and to

Commercial Food Scales for Catering: The Importance of Precise Weighing in the Food Industry

Catering can be hectic but commercial food scales help keep things under control – weighing the ingredients ensures the food tastes good, conforms to portion control and guarantees the minimal amount of food is wasted. Precisa’s Series 490 Industrial Scale can be perfect for use as an industrial food scale. Discover how our Catering Scales can be of assistance in

prepASH® Thermogravimetric Analyzer for Thermogravimetric Analysis

TGA Instrument, the prepASH®, combines high performance, ease of operation, precision and integrity of measurement to maximize time & accuracy during thermogravimetric analysis. Read on to find out more about how the prepASH® can benefit your laboratory

Fast delivery of Precisa Laboratory Weighing Solutions across Europe

At Precisa, we are supported with an extensive distribution network across Europe which means that we can arrange fast shipping and delivery of orders across the continent. Made in Switzerland, Precisa’s laboratory weighing instruments are prime examples of Swiss perfection and reliability. Discover our complete range of weighing solutions and TGA instrumentation.

What is Loss on Ignition (LOI)?

Loss on Ignition is a method used within inorganic analytical chemistry. The practice consists of ‘igniting’ (vigorous heating) a sample at a designated temperature which enables volatile substances within the sample material to escape, until the mass of the sample ceases to change. This process is often performed within air but may be done in another inert or reactive atmosphere.