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Word Of The Week - 2

Activate your brain and have some fun by attempting to solve our Word of the Week.

Celebrating World Laboratory Day at Techcomp

At Techcomp, we are delighted to celebrate World Laboratory Day and to play our part with a suite of world-class laboratory products with operations dating back to 1920. Let’s take a look at some of our key products across the Group and the industries they serve.

3 Easy Steps for Measuring Moisture Content

Measuring moisture content is crucial for many businesses, with most industries having legal guidelines for the moisture content of a substance. In this article we outline why it is important to measure moisture content and how to measure moisture content in just 3 Steps with Precisa’s Moisture Analysers.

Word Of The Week

Activate your brain and have some fun by attempting to solve our Word of the Week.

Moisture Analyzers for Food and Raw Materials

Moisture Analyzers are an essential tool across many industries as moisture content has a significant influence on the quality, processing, and pricing of materials. Read this short but fascinating article exploring moisture content, analysis and Precisa's moisture analyzers.

Precision Balances for Fast, Accurate Measurement in the Lab

Discover high-quality precision balance weighing solutions at Precisa. With a range of precision weighing balances available, we take a look at understanding precision balances, their uses, key features and how they compare to analytical balances.

Supporting Agronomic Research in Europe with prepASH – A Customer Journey

Long-standing customer, a European government agronomic research institute, shares how Precisa's products have helped in their research. Read online.

Applications of the Precisa Product Range

Here at Precisa, we take great pride in providing high quality, precision weighing solutions to a wide variety of customers. In this article, we take a deeper look into the applications of our range of products, and how they are helping solve problems for our customers daily.

The Undestroyable 520 PHASTbloc Balance

Precisa’s 520 PHASTbloc™ precision cell is a force to be reckoned with. Combining the advantages of conventional weighing cells with monolithic weighing cells, this flexible and cost-effective weighing cell packed a powerful punch when a 1kg weight was dropped on it from a height of 20cms.

prepASH Customer Review: Senior QC Lab Technician at DSM

Precisa Gravimetrics AG was delighted to catch-up with and interview Senior QC Lab Technician and QC Lab Technician of the Vitamins Division of DSM, based in Sisseln, Switzerland. DSM has been using Precisa’s prepASH since 2017.