Moisture Determination of Sugar with the Precisa 530 Moisture Analyzer


Moisture and water content significantly impact the processing of food samples. To ensure optimum food quality and safety, the moisture content is carefully measured and controlled. Moisture content not only alters the weight of the product but can also affect the taste, texture, shelf life, and appearance of food products.

Moisture content plays a vital role in the processing and handling of sugar. If the moisture content is too high, the sugar can become challenging to transport and start to deteriorate, making it unsuitable for use.

Typically, refined sugar has a very low moisture content. Samples with low moisture levels can be challenging to analyse, so it is vital that you utilise a method that provides accurate and reliable results. With the Precisa 530 Moisture Analyzer, you can ensure fast and efficient analysis, making sure your results are always as sweet as sugar.

Figure 1: Precisa 530 Moisture Analzyer

Materials and Method

Our application scientist determined sugar’s moisture using our Precisa 530 Moisture Analyzer, according to the parameters set out in Table 1.

Table 1: Method Parameters

Description of sampleRefined white sugar
PreparationThin, evenly spread layer on pan
Sample weight (+/- 10%)5.0 g
Temperature programSoft
Temperature50 oC
Analysis time6 minutes
ReferenceAir oven, 110oC for 3 hours
0.07% +/- 0.01% (3 measurements)







Figure 2: Sugar weighed on Series 530 Moisture Analyzer pan, ready for moisture determination.


The sample was analysed six times following the same parameters, Table 2 outlines the moisture content for each analysis, as well as the average moisture content and standard deviation.

The average moisture content was 0.06%, with the standard deviation being 0.01%.

Table 2: Moisture content results and average moisture content of analysis.

AnalysisMoisture content (%)
Average moisture content0.06
Standard deviation0.01


The Precisa 530 Moisture Analyzer can quickly and accurately determine sugar’s moisture content. The results are fully comparable to those of the oven reference method shown in the method table.


Precisa 530 Moisture Analyzer

The 530 Moisture Analyzer is the ideal instrument for all applications, and displays high accuracy and repeatability, even for samples which contain a very low moisture content. The exciting features of this new moisture analyzer includes;

  • Minimized air lifting effects: produce highly accurate and reliable results.
  • Automated lid opening: streamlined process and fast cool down times
  • PHASTblocTM technology: highly accurate and sustainable weighing technology PHASTblocTM (Precisa Hybrid Advanced Sensor Technology) at its core
  • Easy cleaning: assemble and disassemble the moisture analyzer with ease, so that you can clean with efficiency
  • Run status indication: LED status indicator ensures that you don’t use your moisture analyzer when its too hot, as this can affect accuracy of results.

Piqued your interest? If your laboratory needs its moisture analyzers upgraded; the 530 Moisture Analyzer is the high-performance kit you need – contact our sales team today to find out more.