Scales for Recycling: The Use of Weighing Equipment in Recycling

Why Weighing is Important for Recycling?

Scales for recycling. Why is weighing important for recycling. Discover more about recycling scales and view our recycling scales for sale in this article.

Scales for recycling play a key role in our efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle our overall waste as much as possible. As we become more aware of how our actions impact the environment and sustainability becomes more and more important, it is crucial to have efficient recycling processes in place.

A sturdy, reliable recycling scale is at the core of any recycling facility and one of the many tools used throughout the industry. The recycling industry revolves around weight; weight management not only maintains operational efficiency but also ensures compliance with legal requirements.

Materials that commonly require weighing in recycling include, paper, plastics, scrap metals, cardboard, and green waste.

Recycling scales are used throughout the recycling process from initial weigh-ins as materials are brought into recycling facilities, to weighing the final recycled product. It is crucial to have accurate weighing scales for recycling as revenue for the industry will depend on the items weight. Both the buying and selling of recycled goods is determined upon the weight of the materials. Reliable weighing scales will provide accurate weighings of materials to ensure billing accuracy and allowing both the buyer and seller to get a fair price.

Recycling Scales additionally support the transport of recycled materials as many recycling plants will need to use weighing scales to determine the weight being loaded onto vehicles. It is important to do this to avoid overloading of vehicles, this can be dangerous for the vehicles and drivers and can use up a lot of fuel. Larger scales with a very high weighing capacity will be required.

Recycling scales are additionally useful for manufacturing companies as they can use the scales to measure and monitor the amount of waste they are producing. By understanding how much waste they produce they can work to reduce practices that lead to more waste. Weight management also allows them to reduce costs involved with waste disposal and to estimate costs if they are looking to sell the material.

Industrial Scales for Recycling

Industrial scales available from Precisa for use as a recycling scale.Industrial scales are a great option when looking for a scale for recycling. There are many benefits to using an industrial recycling scale. Of main interest is improving efficiency and savings on time and money.

Industrial scales are perfect for heavier loads, Precisa’s Series 490 Industrial Scale has a weighing capacity of up to 60 kg and readability of 0.1 g or 1 g.

An industrial weighing scale can be used for weighing during the sorting process and additionally the buying and selling process to ensure materials are being bought and/or sold for a fair and accurate price.

An electronic industrial scale with printer compatibility will aid you in managing your data. This will improve productivity as employees work will not be slowed down by the need to manually transcribe data.

Precisa’s Balance for Weighing Paper and Cardboard

Weighing paper for recycling is made possible using Precisa’s scale for recycling.Paper is one of the most commonly recycled materials; recycling paper saves a huge number of resources that are involved in the process of making paper: trees, water, landfill, and fossil fuels. Scales are used throughout the paper industry, including recycling plants for the counting, weighing, packaging and transportation of paper.

Paper is made up of cellulose fibres that are then converted into pulp. When recycled, paper is graded and sorted, and the weight is measured. Recycling plants can recover paper and fibres that can then be sold by weight for reuse in pulp production.

Weighing paper will determine how recycled paper is sorted, how much it will cost the recycling plant and be how much it can be sold for. Paper must be weighed during recycling to ensure it is sorted properly, if not it can be processed as the wrong quality and will result in revenue losses. Precisa offers a range of balances suitable for purpose as a recycling scale.

Scale for Recycling Plastics

Scales for plastics are available from Precisa. Use our scales for recycling. Enquire online for more information.Another commonly recycled material is plastic. As with other recyclable materials, it is important to have a reliable recycling scale for plastics. Recycling plants will have to know how many plastics are arriving in their plant to provide an accurate measurement of plastic that is needing recycled.

Scrap Metal Scale: Weighing Tins and Cans

Scrap Metal Scales are available from Precisa. Use our scales for weighing scrap metal during recycling.Scrap metals such as aluminium and tin cans are another item that can require weighing equipment. Precisa’s industrial scale can be used as a scale for weighing scrap metals. With a weighing capacity of up to 60 kg and readability of 0.1 g or 1 g.

Scale for Recycling from Precisa

Weighing in recycling facilities, requires a robust scale that will hold up over time and can withstand hectic environments. At Precisa, we offer a wide range of different scales to suit all needs.

Industrial scales available from Precisa for use as a recycling scale.If you are looking for a scale for recycling, the Series 490 Industrial Scales provide a range of robust, reliable, and accurate scales. Exceptional performance features and built-in automatic self-calibration system gives users full confidence in achieving accurate weighing results – approved and certified.

Recycling scales for sale at Precisa. Enquire online today for more information.

Additionally, if you are looking for a smaller scale for counting and weighing, our range of precision balances are perfect for taking weighing’s and inventory of smaller items. Our precision weighing balances are designed to produce highly accurate measurement in any environment. Precision balances have a readability of 0.001 g to 1 g and a weighing range of up to 12100 g.

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