Precision Weighing Scales in the Food and Beverage Industry

Our precision weighing scales are ideal for the following food and beverage weighing requirements…

  • Precisely measuring ingredients for recipe creation, percentage and portion control
  • Density determination
  • Measuring moisture content in food
  • Food testing experiments in laboratories
  • Measurements for container filling, packaging and check weighing

Why are precise analytical measurements a legal requirement for your food/beverage company?

High accuracy balances are an essential tool to enable food and beverage companies to follow clearly identified strict laws and regulations such as those defined by The Food Standards Agency (FSA) for selling food by weight, food safety and hygiene.

For example, legal-for-trade weighing is an accuracy requirement for business transactions where goods are sold by weight. Our modern technology supports the repeatable weighing of goods which ensures customer satisfaction, precise billing and accurate inventory records.

Furthermore, there is an abundance of safety and hygiene guidelines which require precise weight measurements in order to avoid the damaging of public health. For example, when designing recipes and edible products exact measurements must be known so that it is safe for consumption and proportions can be affirmed for dietary control. Another example is in the sale of specific food items such as meat. Here, there is a requirement to display the percentage of moisture content if it is above 5%, which can be determined by one of our moisture analysers.

Let us help you with Precision Weighing Scales for Catering, Food and Beverage…

Experts in the food industry look to Precisa due to their reputation for speed, precision and performance. If you have a need for industrial or commercial food scales you can contact us to find out which balances would best fit your needs.