IP65 Connection


At Precisa our IP65 is ideal for peripheral devices such as secondary display. Here you will find a handy step by step guide on how to connect your IP65.

  1. Unscrew 4 retaining screws in IP65 housing.
  2. From inside IP65 casing using a blade screwdriver, push the gland unit out of the housing.
  3. Remove inserts within specific marked holes to fit connection cable(s)
  4. Ensure cables pass through the metal clamp ring, prior to reinsertion of the gland unit
  5. Depending on fit, use a proprietary mastic to provide greater seal if required.
  6. Reassemble and secure with 4 screws.
  7. Use additional 4 screws to connect IP65 terminal to back of balance. 4 screws can be found in small resealable bag with optional RJ45/RS-232 connector.

Depending on balance. Ensure BUS mode is enabled (ON) by entering service menu (hold menu button whilst switching balance on).

Your balance should look like this (assuming you have secondary display).

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