Precisa’s Laboratory Scales: An Overview of Precision Balances and their Applications

Precisa has been manufacturing laboratory scales since 1935, producing a state-of the-art product range which reflects the traditional Swiss characteristics of precision, quality and reliability. We produce a wide range of Analytical and Precision Balances which are ideal for use across a wide range of industries.

A Precisa precision balance is an extremely sensitive laboratory scale which can accurately measure mass in the sub-milligram range to a high degree of precision. Analytical Balances have a weighing capacity in the range of 100-500g and a readability of up to 0.0001g. A precision balance has a lower readability, measuring to the nearest 0.001g. We also produce moisture Analysers, thermogravimetric analysers and pill counters which meet the highest requirements in research, production and quality at competitive prices.

Laboratory Precision Balances

A weighing precision balance is an instrument which is used to determine the weight or mass of an object. Available in a wide range of sizes with multiple weighing capacities, they are an essential tool in almost every laboratory.

Analytical and precision balances are specific types of laboratory scales which measure much smaller masses than the average scale. An analytical balance is the most precise with a higher readability, measuring to the nearest 0.0001g. Analytical balances usually include draught proof weighing chambers and are often used alongside anti-vibration tables to increase accuracy. A precision balance on the other hand typically measures to the nearest 0.1-0.01g but has higher capacity. Both can measure capacities from hundreds of grams to kilograms. Furthermore, our semi-micro balances offer a 0.01mg readability balance, 5 place balance or 0.00001g readability with capacities of up to 225g and internal calibration.

Precision Balances, Laboratory Scales from Precisa


Due to their high precision and advanced technology, precision balances are used in laboratories in order to efficiently perform tasks such as weighing test materials and sampling amounts, formulation, density determination, purity analysis, quality control testing and material and conformance testing. Balances with higher capacities are not used in laboratories but are used to test larger high-capacity weighing materials such as in construction sites.

Our new Series 520 PB Balances is one of the most important innovations in weighing technology in recent years. The Precisa PHASTbloc™ weighing cell allows users to benefit from advanced technology and provides a technically perfect, easy-to-use, attractive, economical and sustainable laboratory balance.

Why not browse our wide range of semi-micro, analytical and precision balances via the links below:


Laboratory Moisture Analyser

Moisture Analyser 330-XM, Laboratory Scales

A Moisture Analyser is an instrument used for the determination of the moisture content of a sample. It consists of an infrared weighing and heating unit. A Moisture Analyser performs moisture analysis by using the ‘loss on drying’ (LOD) method, which is the most common method for moisture analysis whereby the sample is weighed using the balance unit before and after the removal of moisture. This is done by the continuous recording of the weight while the sample is heated and dried using a halogen lamp or other infrared radiator. When the sample no longer loses weight, the difference between the two weights is measured, which is used to calculate the moisture content. This is also known as the thermos-gravimetric principle.

Providing fully automatic moisture analysis, our top of the range Series 330 XM models are all compact and robust, providing high quality, fast, error-free moisture analysis, using the highest degrees of precision and measurement performance.


Laboratory TGA Analyser 

Laboratory Thermogravimetric Analyser (TGA)

The Thermogravimetric Analyser (TGA) is an essential laboratory tool used for material characterisation by Thermogravimetric analysis. This is done by determining a material’s thermal stability and its fraction of volatile components by monitoring the weight change that occurs as a sample is heated at a constant rate. The determination of dry weight and ash is one of the most important parameters in the analytical testing of various materials and substances. In food, pharma, paper, coal, chemical and many other industries, moisture and ash content help to identify physical qualities of a product and its price.

The new generation of prepASH series 340 Thermo Gravimetric Analyser from Precisa frees up resources in the lab and reduces costs and time of analysis. PrepASH Thermo Gravimetric Analyser is a fully automatic analysis system for thermogravimetric determination of dry weight, volatiles and ash. It intelligently unites into one system; the functions of a drying oven, muffle furnace and analytical balance, controlled by advanced software and a colour touch screen. In one working cycle, 12, 19 and even 29 samples are dried and ashed fully automatically, resulting in up to 80% time savings.


Calibration services for Laboratory Scales

Calibration is defined as an association between measurements and is essential to achieve accurate weighing results. Calibration of precision balances is carried out to ensure that they are displaying the correct measurement according to specific standards. Standards vary from country to country and the frequency requirement of laboratory scale calibration varies from industry to industry. If a company neglects to calibrate their precision balances, they run the risk of making measurement mistakes which may be detrimental.

Laboratory Scales Calibration


Industries requiring Laboratory Scales

We will now explore the main industries we provide for. If you can’t find the specific industry that you are looking for, please get in touch with a member of our team. We would be delighted to assist you with a bespoke solution to meet your requirements.


Precision Balances for Pharmaceutical and Medical Use

Laboratory Scales for the pharmaceutical industry

Progress in the medical and pharmaceutical industry is vital in improving health, increasing life expectancy and saving lives. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment being used in every pharmaceutical facility is the laboratory scale and precision balance.

Our cutting-edge pharmaceutical laboratory scales can be used in pharmacies for the accurate measuring and mixing of substances in the making of drugs and medicines. Every ingredient that is used in a pharmaceutical product must be precisely weighed so that the quality of the end product is not compromised and is safe for consumption. Contamination from interfering substances or inaccurate measurements can cause undesirable side effects or even death.

If you are looking for an accurate and reliable precision balance for your pharmaceutical laboratory, why not browse our range of pharmaceutical laboratory scales.


Laboratory Scales for Education

The precision balances used for educational purposes have direct impacts on shaping the future as they aid the creation of tomorrow’s scientists, doctors and inventors.

Our precision balances are ideal for classroom laboratory use due to the reliable and error-free measurements they produce, their ease of operation and their durability. Analytical and precision balances can be used in a wide range of experiments and demonstrations to prove scientific theories and principals, to develop techniques and skills and in research and investigations carried out by students in higher education. We appreciate how crucial precision is and our laboratory scales can provide measurements of up to 0.0001g.

Laboratory Scales for Education

Some specific classroom applications for weighing balances include measuring compounds, pipette calibration, measuring mass and volume, determining density, measuring moisture content, material analysis and many more.

If you are looking for a precise analytical balance for educational purposes we would be delighted to assist with your requirements. Please view our range of Educational Weighing Scales here or to find out more, why not get in touch.


Precision Balances for use in the Food and Beverage Industry

Analytical weighing is necessary for the testing, processing, production and packaging of food and beverage. The need for precision balances is becoming more and more important within the industry due to increasing safety and hygiene requirements, mounting regulations and the desire to improve productivity and quality. High accuracy precision balances are essential for companies to be able to follow clearly identified laws and regulations such as those defined by The Food Standards Agency (FSA) for selling food by weight, food safety and hygiene.

Specific examples of applications within the industry include precise measurement of ingredients for recipe creation, percentage and portion control, density determination, measurement of moisture content and food testing.

Laboratory Scales for use in the Food and Beverage Industry

Experts in the food industry look to Precisa due to their reputation for speed, precision and performance. If you have a need for industrial or commercial food scales you can view our range of precision balances for the food and beverage industry or contact us to find out which balances would best fit your needs.


Industrial Weighing Scale Uses

Precision balances are essential in industry because accurate weighing helps to manage raw materials, ensure compliance with regulations and to improve productivity. Combining cutting-edge design with the latest technology, our precision balances are perfect for measuring parts, packaging for shipping and stock control.

Our precision weighing balances can be used in warehouses, mechanical and precision engineering plants or on the factory floor. Easy to use, they require minimal training which saves time and money on a variety of weighing and counting tasks in the maintenance, repair and operations sector. Specific industry applications include counting for verifying inventory and packing parts, formulation and check weighing.

If you are looking for precision scales for your business, why not have a look at our range of Industrial Weighing Balances. For further information or to talk to a member of our Sales Team, why not contact us.

Industrial Scales for industry


Precision Balances for the Veterinary Industry

Precise analytical weighing is a vital practice for veterinarians and animal care professionals for a number of reasons. Determining the weight of an animal is important because it can determine the health of the animal. The measurement can be compared to a median for the species and to previous states. Furthermore, it can inform us of the amount of food, water, medication and exercise the animal must receive.

Precision weighing specifically is essential in the preparation of animal medication such as when weighing ingredients and compounding different substances. It is also used when preparing precise food portions, particularly for small animals and it is commonly used in the laboratory testing of animals. At Precisa, we specialise in balances measuring up to 0.1mg. Our laboratory scales are therefore most suited for the weighing of very small animals (such as insects and arachnids) and precise medicine and food preparation

Please view our balances suitable for the veterinary industry and do not hesitate to get in touch as we look forward to helping you with your requirements.

Precision Balances for the Veterinary Industry

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