Determining the Moisture Content of Sand for Cement Production

Why Measure the Moisture Content of Sand?

During the cement manufacturing process, measuring the moisture content of sand is incredibly important in the construction industry as sand is one of the raw materials for cement production.

Moisture, in the form of thin layers, attaches itself to sand particles. The small size of sand particles means that it is more likely to attract atmospheric moisture compared to coarse aggregates.

The water-cement ratio is crucial. If the water-cement ratio is too high, the excess water results in larger spacing between the aggregate particles. This affects the compaction of the cement as the water evaporates and the gaps are left full of air, reducing the strength and durability of the of material.

During the Cement Manufacturing Process, calculating moisture content of sand is very important.

It is therefore vital that a moisture content test of sand is carried out so that the moisture content is accurately measured during cement production. This will ensure so that the correct amount of each ingredient can be added when mixing the water, sand and other aggregates during the cement manufacturing process.

Moisture Content Test of Sand

The moisture content of sand calculation is carried out by comparing a sample of sand before drying to the same sample after it has been heated to remove moisture. This can be done by heating the sand in an oven or in a pan, however Precisa offers an all-in-one solution that will save you valuable time when calculating the moisture content.

During the Cement Manufacturing Process, it is vital to know the moisture content of sand

Precisa’s range of Moisture Analyzers can be used to accurately determine the moisture content of sand during the cement manufacturing process. The moisture analyzer can be used to weigh the sample, heat to remove water and reweigh in one compact device. With up to 100 programmable methods, the versatile instrument can be used to quickly carry out the moisture content of sand calculation, and several other materials. You can read more about the steps taken during moisture content analysis here.

Moisture Analyzers from Precisa

Precisa's Moisture Analyzers for carrying out the moisture content of sand test, such as in the Cement Manufacturing Process.

Precisa offers a range of Moisture Analyzers offering you fast, accurate and reliable moisture content analysis to meet your needs.

The moisture content test equipment can store up to 100 methods for your convenience. Some other key features include a high temperature range of up to 230 °C, GLP and GMP compliance, adjustable readability (0.1 mg/ 0.001% and 1 mg/ 0.01%) and user-friendly displays.

If you would like to discuss further about how Precisa can help with your moisture analysis, contact our sales team today.

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