Application Note: Methods for Moisture Determination with XM60

Precisa Gravimetrics have developed a wide range of application notes for moisture determination for different materials. Please find below a list of our library of applications.  Over the forthcoming months, we will be posting these to our Blog and Applications pages.



Ground Coffe/new MA090220White Glue/new MA0715
Sugar MA0401Ice Cream MA0431Acrylic Resin/new MA0713
Chocolate MA0503Salami MA0807Dispersion (white paint)/new MA0712
Margarine MA0402Milk MA0432Latex emulsion/new MA0711
Dried Mango MA0404Tomato Sauce MA0433

Animal Food

Zwieback MA0504Cheese Powder MA0607Animal feed sample MA0701
Flour MA0505Puffed Rice MA0603Cat Food MA0705
Mayonnaise MA0506Powdered Juice MA0436Animal feed Pellets MA0515
Bonbon MA0507Cake Sandwich MA0437Dog Chew MA0426
Rice MA0405Soda Cracker MA0438

Building Materials

Black Tea MA0406Maize meal MA0602Ground Tiles MA0410
Salt MA0407Maize Starch MA0608Gypsum MA0508
Oatmeal MA0408Quark/new MA0707Adhesive MA0604
Pineapple Slice MA0409Buttermilk/new MA0710Cement MA0805
Aroma Banana Powder MA0511Chips nature/new MA0706Cement Rawmix MA0804
Garlic Powder MA0411Cream/new MA0706Fibre mat MA081107
Biscuit MA0412Lentils MA0601Sand/new MA090209
Instant Noodles MA0413Yogurt/new MA0709


Powdered Filled Milk MA0414Carrot Juice/new MA090423Facial Scrub MA0434
Palm Oil MA0415Ketchup/new MA0708Deodorant/Anti-prespirant MA0435
Coffee Creamer MA0416White Wine MA0801Toothpaste MA0424
Aroma Orange Powder MA0510Red Wine MA0802Styling Gel MA0425
Citric Acid MA0502Mothers Milk MA081112Body Lotion MA0420
Soybean Granules MA0418


Milk Bath MA0419
Aroma Vanilla Powder MA0512Washing-up Liquid MA0703Shampoo MA0417
Paprika Powder MA0509Laundry Soap MA0428Hair Conditioner MA0427
French Salad Dressing MA0610Dishwashing Liquid MA0421Liquid Soap/new MA0714
Black Pepper Powder MA0422Washing Powder/new MA0717


Spaghetti MA0423

Synthetic Fabric

Tobacco MA0513
Meat MA0514Plastics (different plastics) MA0704Chipped Wood MA0806
Nuts MA0515Silicone rubber MA0605Coal MA0707-1
Coconut MA0516PSDVB resin MA0606Calcium Carbonat MA0808
Apple Juice MA0702Plastic Granules MA0403Paper/new MA0809
Orange Juice MA0609Resin glue MA0441Cardboard/new MA0810
Palm Seed Oil MA0429Powdered cellulose MA0440Garden Soil/new MA090206
Soybean Flakes MA0430Cassava Powder MA0501
Fruit puree/new MA090126Potato starch glue MA0439

Moisture Analysers | XM60

If you would like a copy of one of these moisture determination application notes in advance or to find out more about our Series 330 XM, then please do not hesitate to contact our sales and marketing team. They’ll be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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