Overview of Precisa’s Product Range

Laboratory and industrial technicians are aware of the significance of the results they provide. That is why they are unwilling to accept any compromise in their field of work. And that is precisely why leading specialists around the world place their trust in Precisa’s precision weighing instruments. And have done for decades.

As a balance company, Precisa products are prime examples of Swiss perfection and reliability. They are tried and tested in both demanding laboratory environments and industrial applications, and are subject to rigorous quality controls throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Precisa invests continuously in developing new technologies and employs a highly qualified team. The result is a state-of-the-art range of precision instruments for the most exacting demands, which will be summarised in this handy article.

Series 390

With the Series 390 Precisa is setting new standards with a balance that provides touch screen technology, frameless automatic draft shield, self linearization and self calibration. With the easy to use menu, inspired by the best smartphones, you will be familiar with your unique balance within seconds.

Discover the Series 390.

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Series 520

The Series 520 balances contain the innovative PHASTbloc™. This advanced weighing technology is the culmination of over 40 years of knowledge and experience and unites the benefits of a conventional weighing cell and monolithic design. This enables the efficient maintenance and repair of a weighing cell instead of replacing it – sustainability in practice. Advanced materials, engineering and unique manufacturing methods lift quality and performance to new heights.

Discover the Series 520.

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Series 360

The Series 360 balances owe their extremely high reliability and durability to the well-known competence of Precisa’s engineering and development. The weighing cell is of the highest mechanical quality and operates with extreme precision.

Discover the Series 360.

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Series 321

The Series 321 meets and exceeds user expectations regarding design, functionality and reliability of a modern weighing instrument. Swiss quality combined with the latest technology make the Series 321 the first choice for both laboratories and industrial weighing applications where ease-of-use, efficient measurements and reliable results are required.

Discover the Series 321.

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Series 165

The Series 165 is a versatile weighing machine, delivering weighing results accurately, reliably and in the chosen format, ideal either in the lab or in the field.

Discover the Series 165.

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Series 490

The Series 490 provides a range of robust, reliable and accurate industrial scales for a wide array of applications. Exceptional performance features and a built-in automatic self-calibration system gives users full confidence in achieving accurate weighing results – approved and certified. User-friendly, multi-application terminals designed to meet every weighing requirement.

Discover the Series 490.

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Series 410

The Series 410 has simple uncomplicated operation and offers a range of affordable platform scales with capacities up to 300Kg with readabilities from 5g to 20g depending on capacity.

Discover the Series 410.

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Series 365

The Series 365 model EM120-HR moisture analyzer meets the highest international quality standards. Precisa has developed an instrument which not only provides a high degree of precision, but also offers an outstanding array of additional options.

Discover the Series 365.

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Series 330/335

The Series 330 and 335 moisture analyzers are more suited to users who require only a limited number of methods. The series features 4 different models to cover a wide range of applications.

Discover the Series 330.

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Series 340

The Series 340 EM thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) automatically measures moisture, ash and loss of ignition at reduced workload and costs. The entire process is monitored and recorded from start to finish in a closed system. The prepASH is designed as an autonomous device and does not require any additional PC, it is available in 3 models.

Discover the Series 340 EM thermogravimetric analyzer.

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