Applications of the Precisa Product Range

Here at Precisa, we take great pride in providing high quality, precision weighing solutions to a wide variety of customers. In this article, we take a deeper look into the applications of our range of products, and how they are helping solve problems for our customers daily.

Microalgae for Biofuels Thermogravimetric Analysis

TGA of Micro-Algae

The world has a finite resource of energy and fuel. Our reserves of fossil fuels are heavily depleted, and efforts are being made to explore renewable and more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Aquatic microorganisms have attracted the attention of researchers recently as a potential solution because they have a high capacity for transforming CO2 into renewable organic material known as biofuels.

Precisa’s prepASH Thermogravimetric Analyser (TGA) has provided the perfect solution for one of our customers as a tool for research into the possible production of biofuels from microalgae.

Our TGA enabled them to study the composition of microalgae into a high-carbon form of charcoal known as biochar. Biochar does not degrade and permanently locks carbon into the ground improving soil health for years to come. Due to this, CO2 is not being released into the atmosphere and reduces carbon footprint.

Precisa’s prepASH is fully automatic with touchscreen controls which makes carrying out algae testing methods quick and easy. The prepASH 340 can carry out thermogravimetric analysis up to 1000°C with space for 29, 19 or 12 samples.

Moisture Analysis in Whisky Distilling

Whisky Distilling

Whisky is undoubtedly one of Scotland’s most popular exports. Our customer, a global leader in the distribution and production of whisky, alongside other alcoholic drinks, needed to be able to analyse moisture in their green malt before and after kilning. When building their new production facility, they came to Precisa for our expertise in moisture analysers.

Green malt, which is a key ingredient in whisky, must be dried to keep it in prime condition before kilning. A general rule is that malt should be kept with a moisture below 6%. Once kilned, the moisture content will be between 4% and 4.5%. A maximum of 5% is expected whilst bagging.

Malt will absorb moisture from the air, so it is key that it is protected from the elements and accurately measured for moisture content in a quick and efficient manner. Moisture testing can sometimes be a long, multistep process. However, Precisa’s moisture content analysers are compact and robust. Their use in the lab leads to significant improvements in production and means savings in time and cost. This increase in productivity is brought about by fully automatic moisture content analysis and corresponding generation of measurement documentation records.

Precision Weighing of Caviar

Precision Weighing of Caviar

Who could resist an indulgent evening of cocktails and caviar? Caviar is one of the most expensive delicacies in the world, with some varieties retailing for over $25,000.

Due to the high cost and rarity of eggs required to produce caviar, precision weighing is important to minimise waste and ensure quality. The need for precision weighing is also on the rise due to the mounting importance of health and safety requirements in the food industry. There is tight legislation companies must adhere to when packaging food, particularly if it is being sold by weight.

Our customer is a specialist in caviar packaging. Consistency and accuracy in weight across their products is essential for their customers who pay for this high-end product. Precision weighing scales are the perfect solution for this. Precisa’s precision weighing scales have a weighing range of up to 12100 grams and an accurate readability of 0.001g to 1g.

Precisa’s precision weighing scales as they are renowned for their practicality and reliability. Users are guaranteed fast and reliable results every time. With Entry, Premium and Advanced models, there is a balance for every requirement and price range.

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