Environmental Testing Equipment: Laboratory Balances for Environmental Sciences

What are Environmental Sciences?

Environmental science is the study of the earth’s environment. This includes a wide range of fields such as biology, ecology, chemistry, geology – and more. Environmental scientists analyze samples from the environment to determine their quality and measure their matter. From their findings, they are then able to understand the earth’s system, make predictions about environmental shifts and global warming, and work to find solutions to environmental problems. A vital piece of environmental testing equipment for environmental science is the laboratory balance.

Environmental Testing Equipment available from Precisa, offering weighing scale for chemistry

This article will explore the different areas of environmental science and how laboratory weighing balances can assist in each area.

Weighing Scale for Chemistry

Chemistry applications, such as environmental chemistry require exact measurements of small quantities of matter and therefore a balance that provides extremely precise readabilities is crucial. Semi-micro and analytical balances from Precisa offer the precision and readability needed for chemistry weighing.

Discover our weighing scales for chemistry.

Ecological Scale

Ecological scale available from Precisa. Suitable for sewage analysis. Enquire online for more information on our scale for chemistry.

Ecology is a branch of biology that studies organisms and their surroundings. Ecology is useful to agriculture as it can advise farmers on how to keep soil healthy.

Precisa has a wide range of balances that can be used as ecological scales: analytical balances, precision balances, moisture analyzers. Each instrument assists in ecological research and plays a vital role in agriculture to ensure optimal soil condition.

To find out more about how Precisa can assist in ecology and soil testing, read our previous article: Measure and Determine Soil Moisture Content using the Gravimetric Method.

Waste Treatment: Sewage Analysis with Precisa

Environmental testing equipment for sewage analysis and more.

Quality control in wastewater treatment requires laboratory balances and moisture analyzers. For wastewater to be treated sufficiently, it is essential to perform sewage analysis to determine the moisture content. Precisa’s range of moisture analyzers provide the most accurate measurements and results of moisture content. Precisa excels with a wide variety of moisture analyzers, which meet the highest requirements in research, production, and quality control.

Find out more about Wastewater treatment and how Precisa can help in our recent blog: Sewage Water Treatment and Measuring the Moisture Content of Sewage Sludge

Environmental Testing Equipment and Lab Balances for Environmental Sciences

Precisa can assist in Environmental Science research with a selection of laboratory balances and other appropriate environmental testing equipment.

Laboratory balances for environmental scienes.

Semi-micro: Our semi-micro balances are the epitome of innovation, precision, and quality. Semi-micro balances have a readability of 0.01 mg (0.00001 g) and a weighing range up to 225 g.

Semi-micro balances are ideally suited for use in research and development laboratories as well as in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, where maximum precision and reliable results are essential.

View our Semi-Micro Balances.

Analytical balance: Our analytical balances are reliable and proven in everyday practice. Analytical balances have a readability of 0.0001 g and a weighing range of up to 520 g.

The high-resolution analytical balances are characterized by simple and intuitive operation. They are used in research and development, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, in industry (quality assurance, control, production monitoring) and in educational institutions.

Browse our range of Analytical Balances.

Precision balance: Our precision weighing balances are designed to produce highly accurate measurements in any environment. Precision balances have a readability of 0.001 g to 1 g and a weighing range of up to 12100 g.

With a wide range of options available, the precision balances are characterized by practicality and user friendliness. They are used in incoming inspection, for dosing, as check-weighers in the finished packaging and for counting, e.g., of parts in a warehouse.

If you are looking for a fast and accurate precision weighing balance, view our options here.

Moisture analyzer for environmental sciences.

Moisture analyzers: For the most accurate measurements and results of moisture content, Precisa excels with a wide variety of moisture analyzers, which meet the highest requirements in research, production, and quality control. View the range here.

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