Determining the Moisture Content of Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana uses…

  • Reduction of nausea and vomiting, often effective during chemotherapy
  • Pain reduction – particularly for neuropathic pain caused by nerve damage
  • Improvement of appetite and sleep
  • Reduction of chronic pain and muscle spasms, frequently used for those with multiple sclerosis
  • Improvement of appetite, particularly for people with HIV/AIDs

It can be administered through methods such as capsules, dermal patches, oral sprays, edibles and vaporising.

Countries which have now legalised medicinal marijuana are calling for more rigorous testing to ensure customer safety because previous production and governmental restrictions have resulted in limited clinical research. One thing which can easily be tested is the moisture content, which could indicate potential microbial contamination.

 Why is it Important to Determine the Moisture Content of Medical Marijuana?

The precise moisture content of marijuana must be measured because the poor drying of the plant during the drug extraction processes could lead to mould or fungal infestations, which in turn may pose a risk to the health of users, particularly those with immunodeficiencies.

Properly dried cannabis should contain no more than 10-12% moisture. Anything above this and the plant will be more susceptible to disease and contamination. Therefore, a highly accurate moisture analyser must be used in order to precisely determine the moisture content percentage for optimum safety.

How can Precisa’s Products be used to Measure the Moisture Content of Medical Marijuana?

For the most accurate measurements of moisture content, Precisa produces a wide variety of moisture analysers. Resulting from Swiss precision in production and engineering, our fully automatic analysers are compact and robust and provide error-free, high quality and efficient moisture analysis.

There are three steps in the moisture analysing process. The parameters for the process are first set using the automated key pad and the sample is placed in the drying chamber. Heat will remove all of the moisture from the sample, which will alter its weight. The gravimetric loss can then be calculated through the comparison of the final weight of the sample to its initial weight, which will in turn inform us of its moisture content.

Precisa’s moisture content analysers feature readabilities from 1mg (0.001g) to 0.1mg (0.0001g) and can reach temperatures of up to 230 degrees Celsius. Therefore, they are the perfect solution for the moisture content analysis of marijuana for its medical usage.

Let us Help with your Moisture Content Measuring…

Do you need accurate measurements to determine the water content of marijuana or other edible products for quality control?

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