Analysing Water Content of Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Manufacturing Process: Analysing Water Content of Contact Lenses

During the contact lens manufacturing process, analysing the water content of contact lenses is vital for the comfort and safety of lens wearers.

Importance of the Water Content of Contact Lenses

High water content in contact lenses increases the oxygen permeability of the lens. This allows more oxygen to pass through the lens to the cornea making it more comfortable for the user. Although it seems as though contact lenses that contain a higher water content would be better for users, there is a balance that must be taken into consideration. Whilst high water content of lens allows more oxygen to pass through, it also draws out moisture from the eye. This makes them unsuitable for those with dry eyes.

Different contact lens materials are used in the contact lens manufacturing process.

Different Contact Lens Materials

To give users more options, different materials are used to manufacture contact lenses. Common contact lens materials include hydrogels, silicon hydrogels, gas permeable lenses and hydrid lenses which combine gas permeable and hydrogen contact lens materials. The type of contact lens material used can directly impact the comfort of lenses as it affects the thickness and flexibility of the lens. When users choose contact lenses, both the material and water content of the contact lens must be considered.

Determining the Water Content of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are manufactured with different moisture content levels to allow the user to choose the type of lens that will suit them the most. This means it is vital that during the contact lens manufacturing process, manufacturers can test the moisture content of contact lenses accurately to ensure lens wearers can make the best decision about which level of moisture content they need.

On the production line, near-infrared spectroscopy is typically used for high-throughput, on the spot moisture analysis. However, moisture analysers provide more accurate moisture content data for quality control purposes.

Using a Moisture Analyser in the Contact Lens Manufacturing Process

A moisture analyser is a valuable piece of contact lens manufacturing equipment.

A moisture analyser from Precisa, can save you valuable time in quality control during the contact lens manufacturing process. Water content of contact lenses can be measured in 3 simple steps in one compact device.

Precisa's moisture analyzer can be used during the contact lens manufacturing process

Precisa’s Moisture Analysers will give you fast, reliable moisture content analysis of contact lenses in the manufacturing process, and several other materials. With each model you can expect error-free moisture analysis, a customizable graphical user interface and a choice of heating element (halogen, infrared or dark radiator).

To learn more about how our moisture analysers can benefit your research and quality control processes, contact our sales team today.

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