A Guide to Weighing Balance Accuracy

Below are a list of questions to go through when setting up the work space for your weighing balance

  • Is the weighing balance situated on a stable surface?
    Balances have been observed in various locations: filing cabinets, kitchen work tops, and even on a wall mounted metal bracket. In these cases, even if your balance is level it isn’t going to perform correctly if it’s not on a stable surface, and you will likely see fluctuations in your readings or a shift in the balance level as weight is applied.
  • What are the environment surroundings like for the weighing balance? i.e. air conditioning unit, windows, doors, vibrating etc.
    If you have a balance that needs to be in a temperature controlled environment or where there is the potential for significant air movement. Please ensure that it’s not situated somewhere where there is a constant air flow otherwise it will cause fluctuation.
  • Has the weighing balance had a constant power flow for an amount of time sufficient for the electrical components to reach the correct thermal equilibrium?
    While it can be environmentally sound practice to switch plug sockets off after we have used something, it is imperative for a balance to function to its best ability that it has a constant power flow of between 30mins to 1 hour to reach the correct thermal equilibrium. For balances with a readability of 0.00001g-0.000001g it is recommended that the power flow is never interrupted unless critical. If there are environmental concerns or worries about power use, instead of switching it off from the plug socket it may be possible to put the balance on standby.
  • Will having my balance situated by big industrial machinery effect the accuracy of my readings?
    It is best to have your balance situated in a calm place away from big machinery that may be giving off big vibrations as this will unsettle the balance and may give you untrue readings. There are also concerns that if there is large equipment that is drawing a lot of power it can cause fluctuations in the amount of power available to the balance, and this can cause inconsistent readings and even surges that could damage the balance.

Find the Right Weighing Balance for you

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