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Readability (mg)
Min Capacity (g)

I_ 12000D

0.1g ▪ 12100g ▪ Industrial Scale
Item No. 490-9528-00x**

I_ 18000D

0.1g ▪ 18100g ▪ Industrial Scale
Item No. 490-9529-00x**

I_ 24000D

0.1g ▪ 24100g ▪ Industrial Scale
Item No. 490-9530-00x**

I_ 34000D

0.1g ▪ 34100g ▪ Industrial Scale
Item No. 490-9531-00x**

I_ 34000D-DR

0.1g / 1g ▪ 12100g / 34100g ▪ Industrial Scale
Item No. 490-9805-00x**

I_ 34000D-FR

0.1g / 1g ▪ 12100g - 34100g* ▪ Industrial Scale
Item No. 490-9532-00x**

I_ 20000G

1g ▪ 20100g ▪ Industrial Scale
Item No. 490-9606-00x**

I_ 30000G

1g ▪ 30100g ▪ Industrial Scale
Item No. 490-9607-00x**

I_ 40000G

1g ▪ 40100g ▪ Industrial Scale
Item No. 490-9608-00x**

I_ 60000G

1g ▪ 60100g ▪ Industrial Scale
Item No. 490-9528-00x**
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Units (g,mg,ozt, lbs, tael, etc)
Percent weighing
Piece counting
Animal weighing
Density determination
Check weighing
Net total application: Add up summation (Dosing program)
Free conversion, Area conversion (Paper program)
Multilevel backweighing
Dynamic difference weighing
Pipette calibration (optional with evaporation trap)
Buoyancy error suppresion technology
Minimum sample weight
Automatic repeatability test
Maintenance Service Package


Swiss made
Swiss technology
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Backlit LCD
Backlit graphic LCD
Colour touch screen
Vacuum fluorescent disply
Automatic calibration warning
Internal calibration
External calibration
Easy alphanumeric input
Touchless sensors
RS232 interface for PC/printer
USB device
USB host
Communication options(USB host, bluetooth, wireless, etc)
EU/OIML type approval
Support IQ/OQ/PQ
Anti-theft protection
Direct tare and reference weight entry
Clock(printout GLP/GMP, auto-cal etc)
Integrated Audit Trail
Integrated Alibi Memory
Below balance weighing
Electrostatic Cancellation System
Ambient Observation System
Optional evaporation trap for pipette calibration
Motorized draft shield

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