From Farm to Fork Step 2: Food Processing and Packaging using Gas Sensing and Precision Weighing

In the second blog post in our ‘farm to fork’ series, we join up with our sister company Edinburgh Sensors, and look at the way that gas sensing and precision weighing is used in the second step of the food chain; food processing.

Click here to view ‘From Farm to Fork Step 1: Food Production’, the previous article in this series.

Touch Screens - The Future of Weighing

Touch screens have largely revolutionised technology as we know it, forming an intelligent interface between humans and modern machinery. Most of us use touch screens on a daily basis, whether this is via a smartphone, a tablet, or simply a supermarket checkout screen. A touch screen is both an input and an output device that is layered on top of an LCD or OLED electronic visual display of an information processing system such as a laptop or smartphone. The user can give input and control the system by touching the screen with a stylus or one or more fingers.

When to Replace your Lab Balance

Whatever the industry, it is extremely important that your lab balance is displaying the most accurate and precise measurements. However, sometimes lab balances can no longer provide us with the consistency that we require.

At Precisa, we understand that needing to replace your lab balance can be an inconvenient, costly and daunting prospect. That’s why we have put together this handy guide to help you figure out if your balance really needs replacing, how to look after your balance and how to choose a new balance to meet all of your needs.

Precisa: Your One-Stop Shop for Laboratory Balances

Finding the right Laboratory Balance might seem a bit daunting. At Precisa, we understand that it can be difficult to find a balance supplier that provides the range of products and services required to kit out a laboratory to the highest standard. That’s why we have created this summative list of the main solutions that we provide, all under one roof.

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and what it means for Weighing

What is Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)?

Good Laboratory Practice, also known as GLP, was first introduced in New Zealand and Denmark in 1972. It is a quality assurance system used by laboratories and organisations to ensure the uniformity, consistency and reliability of non-clinical study and test data.

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