Precision Balances for Checkweighing

What is checkweighing?

Checkweighing, also known as tolerance weighing, is a key feature in many scales designed for commercial and industrial uses to verify package contents and determine if the weight of a particular product meets the required specifications.  The technique involves the comparison of the weight of the products with predetermined limits set within the scale.

Ash and Moisture Applications for Plastic and Composites

The ash test of plastic samples is used to determine inorganic content. Inorganics have a major influence on the mechanical specification and behaviour of plastics to plastics. The analysis is therefore crucial for quality characteristics. Additional natural products can be added in the production so the nature and quantity are specified and have to be verified as part of Quality Control. On the other hand, components in recycled materials might be unknown and therefore have to be determined additionally. If the moisture content is too high then this is harmful in the processing of plastic granules.

Precisa’s Laboratory Scales: An Overview of Precision Balances and their Applications

Precisa has been manufacturing laboratory scales since 1935, producing a state-of the-art product range which reflects the traditional Swiss characteristics of precision, quality and reliability. We produce a wide range of Analytical and Precision Balances which are ideal for use across a wide range of industries.

Precision Balances for the Beauty Industry

It might come as a surprise to most but precision balances play an important part in the beauty industry. Using a scale is a must for a salon as it is crucial for hair stylists to carefully measure colour formulas for clients, especially to prevent hair loss and breakage. It is important to understand that there is chemistry behind the art of dying someone’s hair and balances can enable stylists to properly gauge toner and PH levels.

To ensure accurate measurements, this article will cover the importance of weighing hair dye, what type of balance is suitable and how we can help.

Application Note: Moisture Content Determination of Spaghetti

It doesn’t come as a surprise that pasta is one of the most popular dishes around the world. Alongside pizza we can’t imagine a strict diet was ever easy for the Italians. With most of us being aware of the origins of pasta and how to cook pasta to suit our taste, how many of us actually know what goes into the process to keep it in prime condition for purchase in supermarkets.

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