New 390 Balance Upgrade Offer

Free Balance Upgrade Boost – Limited Time Only

When you purchase a new 390 Series Analytical Balance, we’ll automatically give you a free upgrade to a 390 HE. With a superior electronic draft shield this prevents knocks from manual opening and reduces potential cross contamination.

What’s more, with the 390 HE you are now in a position to benefit from extra add ons:

  • TLS: Touchless Sensors
  • ECS: Electrostatic Cancellation System
  • AOS: Ambient Observation System

The 390 HM compared with the 390 HE

Touchless Sensors are very helpful, when you perform daily routines with your balances, such as opening a draft shield door, taring or zeroing the balance or performing a special function. You can set the built-in touchless sensors to activate those functions by a simple hand motion. The sensors can be easily adjusted with three detection angles to follow your own, personal needs and tasks.

With the Electrostatic Cancellation System all electrostatic charges are neutralised quickly by our built-in AC pulse technique utilising ion neutralising system, which is engineered and manufactured together with Panasonic. Operation is easy. Just by placing the sample into the weighing chamber, your sample is automatically neutralised when the draft shield is closed. No laborious search for an externally installed ionizer.

Various ambient air conditions affect the weighing result. Therefore meteorological factors such as air pressure, air humidity and air temperature are recorded with AOS. This is done in real time and inside the weighing chamber where the sample is placed. This important parameter supports the traceability and can also provide an indication of the ambient status. The information can be recorded, used just as an indication or as an additional parameter when calculating the weighing result with the app BEST.

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