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Application Note: Sludge Analysis with Precisa's prepASH Thermogravimetric Analyser

Moisture content is a critical criterion to determine the acceptability of treated sewage sludge.

Starting with fresh sludge, the moisture content should be around 70%-80%. Dried sludge (cake) needs less than 10% of moisture. The sludge is ashed at 550°C to determine the volatile solid.

Reduce Time and Costs with Precisa’s prepASH Thermogravimetric Analyser

One of the most important parameters in analytical testing of many materials and substances is the determination of dry weight and ash. Such analysis can often be time-consuming and can carry a high error potential when performed in the classic way with a drying/muffle oven and precision balance.

Application Note: Ash and Moisture Determination using prepASH 340 Series for Food Analysis

Moisture and ash are crucial analytical values in food samples and are often needed as calculation reference for other analytical parameters too. Furthermore ashing is part of the sample preparation for the analysis of individual elements in the mineral content. Moisture is a critical parameter for shelf life time of food and ash gives information on the salt content.

Application Note: Ash and Moisture Analysis with prepASH 340 Series for wood, pulp, paper and paperboard

Most papers consist of celluloses and inorganic fillers. A variety of fillers are used to achieve different paper quality and properties. The amount in the filler is determined by ashing the paper. Ashing is therefore an important analysis in paper production and recycling.

Precision Balances for Checkweighing

What is checkweighing?

Checkweighing, also known as tolerance weighing, is a key feature in many scales designed for commercial and industrial uses to verify package contents and determine if the weight of a particular product meets the required specifications.  The technique involves the comparison of the weight of the products with predetermined limits set within the scale.

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