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Top Tips to Ensure Accurate Weighing

Our team at Precisa are committed to ensuring that your balance fulfils all your weighing requirements. That’s why we have created this handy read giving you our top tips to ensure accurate weighing.

The Functions of Analytical and Precision Weighing Balances

Most of us have never had the requirement to use more than the basic weighing function of a scale. However, many weighing balances are capable of much more advanced functions which can simplify a variety of complicated tasks. This handy article from Precisa presents an informative summary of some of the main functions of weighing balances, enabling you to get the most out of your weighing balance.

Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC™) System

Precisa has developed a unique ENC System to cancel the effects of environmental noise, such as air turbulence and ground vibration.

Precisa's AeroPan and VasoFrame Load Carrier

AeroPan and VasoFrame

Launch of new load carriers for series 390, 360, 321 and 320.

Precisa PHASTbloc™

Precisa’s PHASTbloc™ (Precisa Hybrid Advanced Sensor Technology) is a new approach that combines the advantages of conventional and monolithic precision weighing cells in one system. It is environmentally sustainable, but still affordable.


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