Precisa’s AeroPan and VasoFrame Load Carrier

Launch of new load carriers for series 390, 360, 321 and 320

AeroPan for Series 390

Speed up your weighing process with the new weighing pans for the series 390.


  • Time saving due to fast stability of the balance (up to 50% faster)
  • Improved standard deviation

Item Numbers

350-8728: AeroPan 390 80mm
350-8729: AeroPan 390 90mm

AeroPan for Series 390 Weighing Pan

VasoFrame for Series 390 and 360 / 321 / 320

This new laboratory ware holder not only allows for a faster weighing process but ensures a safe and ergonomic work process as well. Its flexibility makes secure positioning of various tare containers easy.


  • Weighing directly into the desired vessel
  • Secure placement of different shapes of flasks and tubes
  • Ergonomic positioning of different kinds of flasks and tubes
  • Step-less adjustments for flasks of 10-100ml
  • Avoids transfer errors
  • Reduces sample loss
  • Minimises risk of contamination
  • Fast stability of the balance

Examples of Compatible Shapes:

Compatible shapes test tubes

VasoFrame for Series 390 VasoFrame for Series 360 / 321 / 320

VasoFrame for Series 390 and 360 / 321 / 320 configurations

Item Numbers

350-8721: VasoFrame 390
350-8722: VasoFrame for balances with draft shield XB/LG
350-8727: VasoFrame for balances with draft shield EP/ES/LX

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