Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC™) System

Noise Reduction and Noise Elimination

Precisa has developed a unique Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC) System to cancel the effects of environmental noise, such as air turbulence and ground vibration.

What causes the problem of noise?

Despite investing in stone tables and draft shields it is impossible to reduce environmental effects altogether. This noise is detected by the sensitive weighing mechanism and can be reflected in the measurements.

Sounds can be reflected in the weighing measurements

How has Precisa solved the problem?

Precisa already has the best engineered balance cases and draft shields available to give accurate readings. The Precisa engineers have now gone one step further and developed sophisticated mathematical algorithms and the latest super fast electronics to identify, insulate and remove any noise from the final reading.

Graphs displaying noise reduction through ENC

Filter Profiles

In order to render the Environmental Noise Cancelling most effective for your particular application, various filter profiles are available:


Suitable for most applications. Ideal for single weighing. This profile is set by default.

Filter type: Adaptive.


This profile provides a short delay and a good timing behaviour, particularly when dosing powdery and liquid samples.

Filter type: Adaptive.


Some applications, as evaporation processes, demand a filter behaviour which is linear in time. A therewith associated longer settling time is irrelevant.

Filter type: Fixed.

Value Release

The speed of the measuring value release determines how rapidly the balance considers the measurement to be stable and releases its value. The slower you allow the balance to do this, the more you benefit of a high repeatability of the measuring. The settings vary in five steps from very fast over standard to very slow. The default setting is standard.

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