Application Note: Moisture Determination of Liquid Soap

Maintaining optimal moisture levels during the production of soap is critical to achieving the highest quality product. When the moisture content becomes too high or too low, product quality becomes inferior and waste occurs. For accurate moisture determination and regulation in your product, you need a top quality soap moisture analyser.

This information is intended as a guideline for development of a moisture analysis and content determination method and parameter setting. Materials vary throughout the world and we will be more than happy to test customers’ individual samples.

Precisa Moisture Determination XM60/EM120 Halogen

*Can also be conducted using XM50, XM60-HR & XM66

Description:Liquid soap, creamy liquid
Utensils:Spatula, Glass fibre filter, Aluminium pan
Preparation:Spread thinly and evenly onto a glass fibre filter
Sample weight (+/-10%):2g
Temperature program: Standard
Temperature: 160 oC
Stop-Criteria:Autostop 2 Digits [mg] / 30 s or 0.1 %/30s
Moisture content:

(average of 6 measurements)

Standard Deviation (+/-):0.07%
Average analysis time:   7.4 min


Download the Application Note

You can download the complete application note as a pdf: Moisture Liquid Soap Application Note

Precisa Moisture Analyser XM60/ EM120 for Moisture Content Determination

Precisa Moisture Analyser XM60/EM120

To find out more about our Series 330 XM or our Series 365EM for moisture content determination methods, then please don’t hesitate to contact our sales and marketing team. They’ll be pleased to discuss your requirements.