Precisa Balances 165 BJ-Range

Series 165 BJ Balances

Series 165 BJ Precision Balances

Covering basic needs economically: Precisa offers a very compact balance while simultaneously meeting new challenges for a durable and economical 'use anywhere' balance. The models of the BJ series (165 BJ) were developed with exactly these goals in mind.
They meet the requirements for user-friendliness, longevity in service, portability when needed, and, as importantly, do so at a very attractive price to performance ratio.
Nothing could be easier than operating these balances. All functions are controlled with just five keys. The clearly structured menu guide on the large display makes it easy to change settings and allows operational choices and weighing processes to be carried out simply.

Take advantage of rugged portability in a full-size 'bench grade' balance!
Precisa Balances 165 BJ-Range
  • Swiss technology
    Swiss technology
  • Large liquid crystal display with backlight
    Large liquid crystal display with backlight
  • External calibration
    External calibration
  • Bi-directional Interface RS232
    Bi-directional Interface RS232
  • EU/OIML type approval (BJ 610C)
    EU/OIML type approval (BJ 610C)
  • Support IQ/OQ/PQ
    Support IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Electronic anti-theft device
    Electronic anti-theft device
  • Real time clock (date and time)
    Real time clock (date and time)
  • Below balance weighing
    Below balance weighing
  • Compact and user-friendly design
  • Small enough to travel - large enough to serve for 'real work'
  • Practical, user friendly and low budget
  • Units: Variety of measurement units
    Units: Variety of measurement units
  • Percent weighing
    Percent weighing
  • Piece counting
    Piece counting
  • Animal weighing
    Animal weighing
  • Net total application: Add up summation (Dosing program)
    Net total application: Add up summation (Dosing program)
  • Statistics
  • Density determination (optional)
    Density determination (optional)
Specific Accessories
  • Hook for below-balance weighing port
  • Dust cover for the whole balance, set of 20 pieces
General Accessories
  • Printer CBM910 230V, incl. data cable and paper roll
  • Printer CBM910 115V, incl. data cable and paper roll
  • Paper roll for Printer CMB910
  • Ribbon for printer CMB910
  • Multiplexor for up to 7 balances of the series 165/320/321/360/490 for serial (RS232) data transmission to PC or printer (at least one balance has to be of the series 320/321)
  • Data cable RJ45, length 0.75m
  • Data cable RJ45, length 1.5m
  • Data cable RJ45, length 3m
  • Adapter RJ45 / DB9 f, (to PC)
  • Adapter RJ45 / DB25 m, (to printer)
  • Data cable RJ45, crossed, length 1.5m, (from reference to counting balance)
  • Data cable RJ45 / DB9 f, length 1.5m, (to PC)
  • Data cable RJ45 / DB25 m, length 1.5m, (to printer)
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply), external
  • Anti-theft device, mechanical
  • Bowl for diamonds (carat bowl)
  • Density application
  • Battery operation with 9V alkaline battery (standard)
Models: Capacity: Readability:
BJ 100M 102 g 1 mg
BJ 410C 410 g 0.01 g
BJ 610C 610 g 0.01 g
BJ 1000C 1020 g 0.01 g
BJ 1200C 1200 g 0.01 g
BJ 2100D 2100 g 0.1 g
BJ 4100D 4100 g 0.1 g
BJ 6100D 6100 g 0.1 g
BJ 8100D 8100 g 0.1 g
BJ 6100G 6100 g 1 g
BJ 8100G 8100 g 1 g
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