Counting Scales for Industry Piece Counting

Counting scales are a valuable piece of equipment for many industries, allowing efficient and accurate piece counting for several business types.

Counting scales allow accurate and efficient piece counting across different industries, such as construction or manufacturing.

What is a Counting Scale?

A counting scale is designed for accurately counting several of the same object at the same time by using its weight. They eliminate the risk of human error from manually counting items and speed up the process, saving businesses valuable time for completing other tasks.

How does Piece Counting work with Counting Scales?

Rather than counting each individual piece, taking hours of your time, counting scales allow you to carry out piece counting in 3 easy steps:

  1. Weigh an individual piece (or enter weight manually)
  2. Weigh a full lot of pieces
  3. Divide the total lot weight by the individual piece weight to give the number of pieces

Presica balances carry out step 3 automatically, giving you the number of pieces in a lot without you needing to do any calculations.

Precisa counting scales calculate the number of pieces being counted by weight.

Do I Need Counting Scales for Piece Counting?

If you carry out piece counting, counting scales can help streamline your work, making the process more accurate and efficient, and saving you from the repetitiveness of counting several individual items. For example, if a manufacturing company carried out a stock take, they would want to know exactly how many screws, washers and nuts they have. Manually counting out each of these items would take a long time and would be a rather monotonous task. Using a piece counting scale will dramatically reduce the time taken on the stock take, saving a significant amount of time, whilst also reducing the risk of human error.

Manual piece counting can take a long time. Precisa counting scales can speed up the process.

Counting Scales from Precisa

All Precisa scales offer a Piece Counting function, so there is a scale for every industry and application.

Having a piece counting function integrated in your scale will not only save money but also save space in your lab or workstations by combining a standard weighing balance with a piece counting scale.

Our compact scales have applications in retail and stores for taking inventory of smaller items. Another popular application is for pharmaceutical pill counting. This allows the exact amount of medication to be given to a patient, reducing waste, and saving money.

Pharmaceutical tablet counting | counting scales

Precisa’s 490 Series is often use for counting larger items such as screws and nails in manufacturing. In the food and drink industry, our industrial scales can be used to ensure the correct number of items are contained within larger shipments for wholesale.


Precisa's Series 490 Industrial scales can be used as counting scales

If you would like to know more about the applications of our piece counting scales, or to find out which model is most suitable in your industry, contact our sales team today who will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.