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Why is it important to keep your balance clean?

Is keeping your balance clean a priority in your lab? It should be! Find out why having a clean balance is important and how to keep your balance clean with our step by step guide.

Precisa Balance Assembly and Density Kit Guide

A density kit allows balance users to easily and reliably determine density. Density measurement is an important indicator of the quality of a product. Any changes in density can highlight the deterioration of a material or product. Accurate and reliable density measurement is therefore vital to determining the quality of products. Our quick video guide provides some useful advice on

When to Replace your Lab Balance

At Precisa, we understand that needing to replace your lab balance can be an inconvenient, costly and daunting prospect. That’s why we have put together this handy guide to help you figure out if your balance really needs replacing, how to look after your balance and how to choose a new balance to meet all of your needs.

Precisa’s Guide to Balance and Scale Calibration

In this article we explore the specific processes behind balance calibration and why it is so important to keeping your balance accurate.

IP65 Connection

At Precisa our IP65 is ideal for peripheral devices such as secondary display. Here you will find a handy step by step guide on how to connect your IP65.

A Guide to Weighing Balance Accuracy

Our analytical balances have 0.1mg readability, 4 place or 0.0001g readability balances with capacities up to 520g with or without internal calibration.

Balance Readability - What is the Readability of My Weighing Balance?

Identifying the readability of a weighing balance can seem like a tricky task, but that’s why our team have put together this handy guide to help you determine the readability of your balance, and discusses the difference between the readability and verified scale intervals. Find out more about the readability of a weighing balance in this article.

How to Determine the Right Tolerance and Class for the Check Weights

Using the information from above you have determined the Weight Class requirement for your check weights. You can now decide which weight(s) from that class are required to monitor the performance of your balance.

Scale Calibration: Level-Up Your Balance – Correct Balance Installation Guide

The principle is the same as that of a spirit level. The ideal position of the bubble is dead centre of the circle. This will give the balance its correct conditions for proper functionality. Its position should be relative to the circle as this will inform your next step.

Reduce Time and Costs with Precisa’s prepASH Thermogravimetric Analyser

Thermogravimetric analyzers offer a less complex and time-consuming solution for TGA analysis that reduces overall costs. Discover Precisa's Thermogravimetric analyser solutions today.