Application Note: Moisture Content Determination of Spaghetti

A key factor in the process of making pasta is the moisture distribution as the dough determines the final quality of the product. Monitoring the moisture content is extremely important as pasta with a high moisture content could reduce its shelf life. Moisture content can vary depending on the type of dough and shape. Too much moisture can expedite the development of mould.

In this application note we highlight the most effective guidelines for moisture content determination analysis methods in spaghetti to prolong its shelf life.

This information is intended as a guideline for development of a moisture analysis method and parameter setting. Materials vary throughout the world and we will be more than happy to test customers’ individual samples.

DescriptionSpaghetti, brownish-yellow noodles
UtensilsGrinder, Spatula, Aluminium Pans
PreparationGrind into fine pieces, spread the sample thinly and evenly on the pan
Sample Weight (+/-10%)3g
Temperature ProgramStandard
Stop-CriteriaAutostop 2 Digits /60 s
Moisture Content (average of 6 measurements)10.63%
Standard Deviation (+/-)0.11%
Average Analysis Time15.1 min
ReferenceAir Oven, 105ºC for 2 hours 10.55% ± 0.11% (5 measurements)

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Moisture Determination Analysis – XM60 Halogen

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