Precision Balances for Checkweighing

The upper and lower limits of the scale can be indicated using different methods, with some balances displaying red, amber or green lights and others giving audible signals or bar graphs on graphical displays.

Some of the specific uses of checkweighing include:

  • Checking for under and/or overweight filled packages
  • Insuring compliance with net contents laws for prepackaged goods
  • Checking for missing components in a package including labels, instructions, lids, coupons, or products
  • Verifying count by weight

Why is checkweighing useful?

Packaging and processing companies generally refer to the checkweigher as a ‘policeman’ on the packaging line. This is because it is the weight control centre on a production line that protects against unacceptable under or overweight packages ever reaching the customer.

Checkweighing is important because if a product is being sold, such as boxes of strawberries for example, all of the boxes must weigh the same so that customers are paying the same price for the same amount.

Furthermore, the check weighing of stock is highly beneficial as it enables companies to save money and helps to ensure quality control. This is necessary to ensure that high quality products and goods are supplied and reputations are maintained.

Where might checkweighing be used?

Checkweighing is essential for manufacturers in any industry to implement some sort of check weighing procedure in their inventory processes. They are commonly used for any operation that ultimately results in a finished product that will be sold commercially to customers. Check weighing scales can therefore be commonly found in production lines, used to ensure filling and packaging machines are producing packed goods at the correct weights.

Some of the specific uses of check weighing include…

  • Automotive/ Aerospace industry

Vehicle or machine manufacturers often use checkweighing scales that have been pre-programmed for check weight and check counting of machinery parts before assembly. Through checkweighing, automotive and aerospace engineers can detect whether a component or finished product has a defect or is missing components before distribution. Checkweighers can also be used for check counting tools, screws and other small parts that are easy to miss.

  • Construction

Construction materials such as concrete, brick and tiles are often checkweighed or counted before they are assembled to ensure the products are free from defects and comply with regulatory standards. Raw materials used in concrete are typically weighed according to a formula, therefore if you were weighing batches of concrete, a checkweighing scale could be used to pre-prepare the dry mixture into the correct quantities before adding water.

  • Distribution warehouses

In distribution warehouses, checkweighing scales are important for ensuring that each product meets the weight specified on the packaging before it is sold commercially. The checkweighing process is usually assigned to the production line part of the distribution and manufacturing process in order to ensure each product passing through is of an identical weight.

  • Food processing

Similar to distribution warehouses, pre-packed food products such as biscuits and tins must be checkweighed on a trade certified scale that has been approved by your local regulatory authority to ensure that the product meets the weight value specified on the product label.

How can Precisa help?

As seen in the images above, at Precisa we supply balances that can be used for checkweighing. This specific example uses a traffic light system for visual and audible notification that the product being weighed out is within the customer set tolerances.

Why not view our wide range of precision balances that can be used for the checkweighing of inventory across a range of industries.

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