Celebrating The Queen’s Magnificent Jewellery Collection for Her Platinum Jubilee: The Role of Precisa and Diamond Weighing

On 3rd June 2022, after seventy years of service, Queen Elizabeth II will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. At Precisa, our UK team are marking this occasion by taking the opportunity to celebrate the beautiful jewellery and diamonds worn by The Queen and how Precisa plays its part in the process of composing these luxury items through jewellery and diamond weighing.

Jewellery Weighing Scale | Diamond Weighing

As a symbol of strength and durability, platinum – a precious metal – is often given as a gift for 70th anniversaries. Throughout her service the Queen has demonstrated continuous strength and durability. For the preparation of such a precious gift, reliable equipment would be required. Precisa’s PHASTbloc series demonstrates strength and durability, perfect for jewellery and diamond weighing.

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Jewellery Weighing Scales for Accurate Weighing

  • Jewellery weighing scales are needed for the weighing of diamonds, gold, gemstones and other precious metals in gram and carat increments: a common type of jewellery weighing scale used is a precision balance
  • Jewellery weighing is vital to determine the jewellery’s value
  • Commercial jewellers are legally required to weigh jewellery when buying or selling products
  • A precise jewellery weighing scale ensures that prices for jewellery are in line with the market price and are not being sold too cheaply.
  • Throughout the jewellery-making process, all components must be inspected and weighed to ensure the specifications are met for the final product1


The Queens Jewels and The Importance of Diamond Weighing

Cullinan Diamond | Diamond Weighing | Diamond Weight Scale

The Queen is the heir to one of the most, if not “the most” expensive jewellery collections in the world. Diamond weighing will have been crucial in determining the value of her jewellery.

In 1905 the 3,108 carat diamond, named the Cullinan Diamond, was discovered in South Africa.As part of the British Empire during the discovery, the Cullinan Diamond was purchased by the colonial government and gifted to Kind Edward VII. Today the Cullinan diamond is part of the crown Jewels and the Queen’s personal jewellery.The diamond is no longer fully intact but has been cut into nine large stones, and around 100 smaller ones. Queen Elizabeth II inherited seven of the large cuts and 96 of the smaller.4

The largest of the Cullinan, Cullinan I, can be found located in the Sovereign’s Sceptre, Cullinan II, is set on the front of the Imperial state crown, and Cullinan III and IV have been set together in an impressive brooch the Queen inherited from her grandmother.

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Jewellery and Diamond Weighing with Precisa

Jewellery Weighing Scales | Diamond Weighing Scales

Jewellery and diamond weighing can be fulfilled using Precisa’s reliable precision balances. Combining the latest technology with eye-catching design, here at Precisa we have produced a wide range of precision balances with readability of 0.001 g to 1 g and weighing range up to 12100 g, which is the level of precision needed for accurate measurement.


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