Series 320 XB Balances

Series 320 XB Basic Analytical and Precision Balances

The best coverage for basic needs. Precision, technology, design of the highest quality: This is the state-of-the-art 320XB Series by Precisa. Simple, robust, and very effective.

With a wide range of options and accessories, user-friendliness and practicality are at the forefront.
This is the classic lab balance - owing its popularity to its simple operation and problem-free use. It keeps records in accordance with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and thanks to its integrated data interface can also print out the reports. A wide variety of options and accessories are specifically intended for the lab and production line.

Product range

  • Precisa Balances 320 XB 120A
  • Precisa Balances 320 XB 620M
  • Precisa Balances 320 XB 6200C
  • Precisa Balances 320 XB 6200D
  • Analytical Balances 0.1 mg
  • Precision Balances 0.001 g
  • Precision Balances 0.01 g
  • Precision Balances 0.1 g
  • Precisa Balances 320 XB 120A
  • Precisa Balances 320 XB 620M
  • Precisa Balances 320 XB 6200C
  • Precisa Balances 320 XB 6200D
  • Swiss technology
  • Bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display standard
  • External calibration weight - 100 g for analytical models XB 120A and XB 220A
  • Automatic calibration warning
  • RS232/V24 bi-directional interface
  • Support IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Electronic anti-theft code
  • Clock
  • Below balance weighing
  • GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) print format
  • Precision electromagnetic force compensation technology
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • Upgrading via Internet
  • IP65 protection against ingress of dust and water available
  • Multiple weight units
  • Percent weighing
  • Piece counting
  • Animal weighing
  • Density determination
  • Net total application: Add up summation (Dosing program)
Specific Accessories
  • Glass draft shield for balances with 1 mg readability including cover
  • Hook for below-balance weighing port
  • Density kit, for 0.01mg and 0.1mg balances, container size: Ø = 75mm, h = 100mm
  • Density kit solids only (without glass body and hook), for 0.01mg and 0.1mg balances, container size: Ø = 75mm, h = 100mm
  • Glass body for density determination of liquids, V = 10cm3
  • Downholder for samples with ρ < 1g/cm3
  • Animal weighing bowl complete, for 0.01g, 0.1g and 1g balances
  • Power supply / Adapter with Euro plug for balances with IP65 protection (80V - 240V)
  • Dust cover 320 over display, set of 20 pieces
  • Dust cover 320 for the whole balance, set of 20 pieces
  • Night cover 320 for balance without draft shield
  • Night cover 320 for balance with draft shield
General Accessories
  • Printer CBM910 230V, incl. data cable and paper roll
  • Printer CBM910 115V, incl. data cable and paper roll
  • Paper roll for Printer CMB910
  • Ribbon for printer CMB910
  • Multiplexor for up to 7 balances of the series 165/320/321/360/490 for serial (RS232) data transmission to PC or printer (at least one balance has to be of the series 320/321)
  • Data cable RJ45, length 0.75m
  • Data cable RJ45, length 1.5m
  • Data cable RJ45, length 3m
  • Adapter RJ45 / DB9 f, (to PC)
  • Adapter RJ45 / DB25 m, (to printer)
  • Data cable RJ45, crossed, length 1.5m, (from reference to counting balance)
  • Data cable RJ45 / DB9 f, length 1.5m, (to PC)
  • Data cable RJ45 / DB25 m, length 1.5m, (to printer)
  • HID cable, RS232 / USB (x: 0=e, 1= d, 2=f) on demand
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply), external
  • Anti-theft device, mechanical
  • Bowl for diamonds (carat bowl)
PrecisaBUS Accessories
  • Remote display, freestanding, with cable, length 1.5m
  • Remote / secondary display mounted to the balance
  • Remote display, mounted to the wall, with cable, length 3m
  • RS232 interface box for data transmission, DB25 f:
    - to PC, printer or bar code printer
    - from bar code reader (350-8856) or reference balance
  • Interface box, current loop, 20mA, passive
  • Analog output box, -10V .. +10V, resolution 10mV
  • Ethernet box, wired
  • Ethernet box, wireless
  • Signal lamp, indicator with 3 lamps; red, green and yellow
  • Horn for signal lamp
  • I/O box with 6 TTL inputs and 8 relay outputs
  • CCE bar code scanner BCS5040, DB25 m, to be connected by meanings of the RS232 interface 350-8506
SmartBox Applications
  • SmartBox Counting
  • SmartBox FPVO (finished goods packing control)
  • CCE bar code scanner BCS5040, RJ45, to be connected by meanings of channel 1 or 2 of the SmartBox


Models: Capacity: Readability:
XB 120A 120 g 0.1 mg
XB 220A 220 g 0.1 mg
XB 320M 320 g 1 mg
XB 620M 620 g 1 mg
XB 2200C 2200 g 0.01 g
XB 3200C 3200 g 0.01 g
XB 4200C 4200 g 0.01 g
XB 6200C 6200 g 0.01g
XB 3200D 3200 g 0.1 g
XB 6200D 6200 g 0.1 g
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