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Screenshots, LAN and Wi-Fi

Release software version 1.1.1 for Series 390 with screenshot function and complete revision of the network communication. Server and client mode in LAN and WLAN connection are supported.
System setttings release 1.1.1

Proficiency Test "VDLUFA Futtermittel Enquete 2016"

The evaluation carried out by the State Operating Society for Environment and Agriculture (BfUL) confirms both the high accuracy and precision of the prepASH® measurements. The results are very close to the total mean. The scatter of the 4 analytical values is very narrow.

Printer LP 4024

Lightproof printout, accepted for use on official documents - Single key operation - Automatic interface settings detection - Language diversity due to WPC1252 character set (Windows Latin-1) ...
Printer LP 4024
Audit Trail of the Series 390

Audit Trail

Release software version 1.1.0 with Audit Trail and many improvements, e.g. for density determination, statistics, auto-standby, new folder soft buttons, for Semi-micro and Analytical Balances of Series 390.

Draft shield 321 LG-M

The LG draft shield launched for analytical balances of series 321 and 320 early this year is now available for precision balances (M/C/D/G) as well.
Draft shield LG-M
Density determination application

Density determination application

Release software version 1.0.5 with density determination application for Semi-micro and Analytical Balances of Series 390.


Speed up your weighing process with the new weighing pans for the Semi-micro and Analytical Balances of Series 390.


This new laboratory ware holder not only allows for a speeded up weighing process but ensures a safe and ergonomic work process as well. Its flexibility makes secure positioning of various tare containers easy. It is available for our Semi-micro and Analytical Balances.

prepASH with Windows 7

OS Upgrade for prepASH from Windows XP Embedded to Windows Embedded Standard 7.
prepASH with Windows 7

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