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A Guide to using a Precision Balance for Analytical Weighing in the Classroom

A Precision Balance is essential for accurate analytical weighing in the classroom, which is a key part of many higher education and university curriculums.

This handy guide will lay out some of Precisa’s top tips for analytical weighing in the classroom, as well as directing teachers and professors towards the perfect precision balance to meet all their requirements.

Pill counting made easy with Precisa’s EEZY Pill Counter

What is a Pill Counter and how does it work?

Pill counters, also known as tablet counters or drug counters, are used for the accurate and time saving counting of medication in tablet or capsule form.

Determining the Moisture Content of Medical Marijuana

What are Medical Marijuana Uses?

The Cannabis plant has a history of medicinal use dating back thousands of years in many cultures. Several countries have now legalised the medical use of marijuana such as the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy and 33 states in the USA.

The Discovery of the Second Largest Diamond and the Importance of Diamond Weighing

The second largest diamond in recorded history has recently been discovered by a Canadian mining company in the Karowe mine in Botswana. The unbroken 1,758-carat stone weighs a staggering 352 grams and is the size of a tennis ball. It was unearthed using state-of-the-art XRT circuit technology.

Precision Weighing Scales for Vets

Taking Care of our Creatures Great and Small - Precision Weighing Scales for the Veterinary Industry.

Precise analytical weighing is a vital practice for veterinarians and animal care professionals for a number of reasons.

The use of Precision Weighing Scales in the Industrial Sector

Precision weighing is essential in industry because accurate weighing helps to manage raw materials, ensure compliance with regulations and to improve productivity.

Precision Weighing Scales in the Education Industry

Mass Measurement in the Classroom? It's as easy as ABC - Weighing Scales for Education.

The scientific instruments that are used for educational purposes have direct impacts on shaping the future as they aid the creation of tomorrow’s scientists, doctors, inventors and discoverers.  At Precisa we understand the importance of education and offer a wide range of high-quality weighing scales that are used for advanced scientific educational purposes in schools, colleges and university laboratories worldwide.

Precision Weighing Scales in the Food and Beverage Industry

Analytical weighing is necessary for the testing, processing, production and packaging of food and beverage. The need for precision weighing scales is becoming more and more important within the industry due to increasing safety and hygiene requirements, mounting regulatory compliance and the ever-increasing desire to improve productivity and quality.

Precision Lab Scales in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Sick of Inaccurate Measurements? Feel Better with our Precision Lab Scales for the Pharmaceutical Industry

In today’s fast paced world, progress in medical and pharmaceutical technology is vital in improving health, increasing life expectancy and saving lives. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment being used in every pharmaceutical facility is the lab scale and analytical balance.

The Importance of Temperature Checks and Adjustment for Moisture Analysers

At Precisa we offer our customers with Moisture Analysers (a balance with a built-in programmable heating element) the option to have the functional temperatures achieved by the heating unit checked and, if necessary, adjusted to closer reflect the target temperature. Our engineers use calibrated Digital Thermometers and calibrated Probes custom designed specifically for Moisture Analysers to ensure that the readings we achieve are as accurate as possible.

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