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We make every effort in design and testing to make this site viewable with all recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) as well as the many more modern browsers available. The site can even be viewed with a plain-text-mode browser, such as 'lynx'. Older versions of Netscape are problematic. Well... we did say 'modern'....

  • For best results you should have javascript and style sheets (css) enabled.
  • Accepting 'Cookies' is also recommended, as we use them to hold your language choice.
  • Our cookies are set to expire when the browser is next closed, and can be considered 'harmless'.
  • We do not generate 'pop-ups' of any kind and do not require 'Flash', 'Real' or any other 'media player'.

    As we display multiple national languages, often on the same page, the site is coded in UTF-8 Unicode, which obsolete Windows IE versions may not detect 'automatically'. Most other browsers, and later IE versions, will detect and shift to this automatically. If you see missing umlauts, or garbled rendition of other special national language characters, please insure that your browser is setting itself to 'UTF-8' or 'Unicode' or manually force the choice, as in 'View, character encoding, UTF-8'.

    If you are limited to Windows and/or Microsoft Internet Explorer, and encounter a problem viewing or printing any page on this site, you may wish to add a more modern, full-featured, secure, and standards-compliant browser from the list below:

    • Netscape..Mac OS X and Linux versions may be found in the 'Archive Products' area. Correct printing should be automatic.
    • Mozilla.. Free, Open-Source sibling of Netscape. When more features are wanted. Correct printing should be automatic.
    • Firefox.. Free. Lighter-weight derivative of Mozilla. Correct printing should be automatic.
    • Opera.... Fast, full-featured, able to zoom images as well as text. As with IE, printing is problematical.

    Others browsers are available at low-cost or NO COST, and do not require that IE or any other bowser be removed or abandoned. Multiple browsers can co-exist, and it is nice to have a choice!

    The site is also tested with Apple's Safari browser and several other Unix, Linux, OS/2 and eCS browsers.

  • Specifications subject to change without notice Technische Änderungen vorbehalten  Les caractéristiques sont sujettes au changement sans communication préalable

    Download our General Sales and Delivery Conditions                 Download der allgemeinen Verkaufs- und Lieferbedingungen (.pdf)

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