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"BALINT" The Interface to Windows

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With the BALINT program, data from a Precisa balance can be received via the serial RS232 interface with a PC using Windows

and transferred directly or indirectly to another application.

All the data which the program receives is written into the Editor area. To designate the segments of data received (time,

plus or minus sign, value, etc.) a tab is inserted. This data can be imported directly into a spreadsheet program as a tab-separated-variable file (.tsv). The Editor area also allows you to add text descriptions to the collected data.
The contents can be stored as a text file later and so be used in other applications. Of course, it all works with Windows,


Working in the background
You can directly receive data in the background with the BALINT program while working with other applications. The size of

the BALINT data file is limited to about 25,000 Bytes, ie. depending on formatting, around 1200 weight values.

Communicating with other applications
With the help of the Link function, the data received can also be formatted and then directly transferred to another

application. Normally, in order to do this the cursor must be in the appropriate position in the receiving application. Several applications (eg. Word) can also receive a transfer correctly in the background.

There is no registration necessary.

Data specification
The data specification can be matched to meet your requirements.

Link format
The adjusted data (time, plus or minus sign, value, etc.) is automatically separated in the Editor area by tabs. For data

transferred to another application, the relevant macros are inserted. The macros can be defined with the Edit button with the

help of the Key Editor.

The pre-defined formats TAB- TEXT and EXCEL are suitable for standard applications such as WORD or EXCEL.

Storing the settings
The current settings for the program such as requirement, Link format, etc. can, of course, be stored.

The program offers detailed help with hyper-text. You also have the option of reading these in English.

Parts for BALINT
To connect a balance with a computer with the program BALINT you need a cable RS232 C <-> PC. The order number can be found

in the operating instructions of the balance.

Download BALINT Program

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