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Middle East

Series 490 K Industrial Scales

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Weighing Range: 12100 g to 62000 g
Dual Range & Floating Range
Readability: 0.1 g, 1 g and dual-range
Linearity: <= +/- 0.5 g
Reproducability : <= 1 g
Weighing Platform: 400 x 300 mm
Protection: IP65 optional
Data Port: RS232/V24 bi-directional
Calibration: SCS Internal standard
Display: VFD standard
Applications: Enhanced + Count or FPVO specialty
Operating Temperature: 0-40 °C
Power Consumption: 85-240 VAC  50-60 Hz  13 VA



Robust, precision industrial scales, large, bright vacuum-fluorescent display, extended counting and memory functions, statistical programs. Optional specialized counting or FPVO regulated packaging verification.

General Characteristics:

  • ICM (intelligent Calibration mode), automatic recognition of external calibration weights.
  • Anti-theft lock code
  • Password protection for stored programs
  • Clock with date and time
  • Logging of the measuring results in conformance with ISO and GLP
  • Configurable printing protocol
  • RS232/V24 / Precisa-Bus Interface
  • Capacity display
  • Stored user configuration (UMM - user menu Memorized)
  • Protective cover
  • User-friendly multi-function terminal standard on this line
  • Keypad (10 keys)
  • 4 directly programmable function keys (freely selectable)
  • Add-on alphanumeric Keypad (30 keys), Smartbox is built-in on ISK models
  • Lo-Go-Hi visual indicator lights (red/green/yellow)

Integrated application programs:

  • Selectable weight units switching
  • Counting feature
  • Percent weighing
  • Net total calculation
  • Sum computation
  • Weight per unit-area computation
  • Live animal weighing
  • Density determination

  • Statistics program
  • Weighing control
  • Differential weighing
  • Dynamic weighing
  • Minimum Sample Weight (MSW) setting
  • Lift correction (BEST)
  • Manual tare input

Specialty Programs - FPVO

    Monitor filling compliance to finished packaging regulations (FPVO)
  • 500 article memory
  • 500 daily/weekly statistics memory
  • Tare averaging
  • Stored Machine Identification code
  • Printer format definition
  • Memory Protection

Specialty Programs - Counting Models

    Extended counting and memory functions
  • 1000 article memory
  • 250 entry tare memory
  • Nominal and limit values
  • Weighing Summation computation
  • Printer format definition
  • Memory Protection

Specifications subject to change without notice Technische Änderungen vorbehalten  Les caractéristiques sont sujettes au changement sans communication préalable

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