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EXECUTIVE PRO Series 360 EP Balances

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With the 360 EP series balances, Precisa is setting new standards: innovative, high-tech instrumentation which includes the latest technical developments, unique performance features, best user-interface and the most modern design to establish the 360 EP series as the very bench-mark for modern laboratory technology.

The 360 series owes its extremely high reliability and durability to the well-known competence of Precisa’s engineering and development. The weighing cell is of the highest mechanical quality, operates extremely precisely.

The structured access to the balance menu and the clearly presented, easy to read graphic display offer simplicity of operation.

Precisa’s new slide-in modules provide a range of connection options for the balance. The interchangeable inserts assure connection to future communication technologies like
USB Host, Ethernet wired, Ethernet wireless, Bluetooth and RS 485.


  • Fully automatic internal calibration system, programmable time and temperature controlled (SCS)
  • Draft shield with ambidextrous operation
  • Die-cast aluminium housing of the balance
  • Clock with date and time
  • High contrast liquid crystal graphic display with high resolution
  • High resolution weighing cell with optimised electronic control
  • USB device and RS232/V24 bi-directional interface as standard
  • Upgrading via Internet
  • Multi-user memory (MUM)

Integrated Functions:

  • Pipette calibration
  • Density determination
  • Variety of measurement units
  • Multi-level back weighing
  • Dynamic weighing and dynamic differential weighing (weighing on ship)
  • Minimum sample weight (MSW) according to USP
  • Automatic Reproducibility Test (ART)
  • Buoyancy Error Suppression Technology (BEST)

Models: Weighing Range: Readability:
EP 125SM 125 g 0.01 mg
EP 225SM-DR 102 g / 225 g 0.01 mg / 0.1 mg
EP 120A 120 g 0.1 mg
EP 220A 220 g 0.1 mg
EP 320A 320 g 0.1 mg
EP 420A 420 g 0.1 mg
EP 520A 520 g 0.1 mg
EP 420A-FR 120 g - 420 g 0.1 mg - 1 mg
EP 320M 320 g 1 mg
EP 620M 620 g 1 mg
EP 920M 920 g 1 mg
EP 1220M 1220 g 1 mg
EP 2220M 2200 g 1 mg
Models: Weighing Range: Readability:
EP 620M-FR 120 g - 620 g 1 mg - 10 mg
EP 1220M-FR 240 g - 1220 g 1 mg - 10 mg 
EP 1200C 1200 g 0.01 g
EP 2200C 2200 g 0.01 g
EP 4200C 4200 g 0.01 g
EP 6200C 6200 g 0.01 g
EP 8200C 8200 g 0.01 g
EP 6200C-FR 2200 g - 6200 g 0.01 g - 0.1 g
EP 8200C-DR 3200 g / 8200 g 0.01 g / 0.1 g
EP 6200D 6200 g 0.1 g
EP 8200D 8200 g 0.1 g
EP 12200D 12200 g 0.1 g
EP 12200G 12200 g 1 g
Specifications subject to change without notice Technische Änderungen vorbehalten  Les caractéristiques sont sujettes au changement sans communication préalable

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