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Series 320 XT - Model XT920M

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Weighing range: 920 g
Readability: 1 mg
Linearity: +/- 1.5 mg
Reproducibility: <= 1 mg
Balance pan: 135 x 135 mm
Verifiability: EC/OIML capable
Calibration: Fully automatic internal
calibration (SCS)

Display: Bright VFD fluorescent
(LCD liquid crystal display optional)

Draft shield: open
Part Number: 320-9303-007


Functions: Item counting, percent weighing, formula calculations, dynamic weighing, live animal weighing, check and reference weighing, area conversion and density determination, weight readout in many different international units, differential weighing, summation weighing, calculator functions, stored procedures, stored user parameters.
Special: Your connection! With the Bus system, the following can be connected and used at the same time:
  • Barcode scanner to read the product identification
  • Second display (free-standing, attached, wall mounted)
  • Smart Box for applications programs with alpha-numerical data input
  • Input/Output box with 8 relays and four input contacts
  • Analogue data output
  • External Tare key

Simple keyboard for maximum user-friendliness: g, kg, mg, grain, dwt, ozt., lb, ct., c.m., tlh, tlm, tlt, momme and other units or conversion factors can be freely programmed via the calculator and entered alphanumerically. At the same time, four values can be activated and called up using function keys. The keyboard organises and structures the many options in such a way that they are easier to use than balances with fewer keys, even after a shorter training period.

Flexible applications thanks to the Smart Box: Our Smart Box opens up fascinating new possibilities for you, so much so that our customers are regularly discovering new areas of use: determining parts counting, checking finished packages in the production process for weight tolerances in accordance with FPVO (Finished Packaging Regulation), preventing under or over-filling, dosing, pre-defining filling capacities - and lots more!

Special Precisa draft shield: The patented draft shield is fascinating with its brilliant, completely new design. The interlinked two-way door operation allows you to open the top or work either side with either hand. Even with the draught guard open, the access is great because the track-guided sliding doors overlap into a recess at the back. This reduces the amount of space the balance requires, and improves safety by reducing the risk of interference with nearby objects.

Specifications subject to change without notice Technische Änderungen vorbehalten  Les caractéristiques sont sujettes au changement sans communication préalable

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